Potent Perspective

We are very fortunate to have a life that allows so many possibilities. Nothing is written in stone. If we remember this, we then place ourselves in position to allow new perspectives to be a part of our focus.

Then next time something is occurring in our life that is not going the way we want it too, or the next time we feel we have limited options, we should try shifting our perspective. To keep our vision one sided eliminates so many possibilities. We need to practice stepping away from the view we have a tendency towards and find a new one.

The best way to do this is to become familiar with our focus tendencies. Do we tend to see things in a very linear fashion? Perhaps we like to think about how our decisions will impact others and we get caught up in that. Maybe we are someone who places so much attention in the tiny details that we cannot see the big picture. It is completely normal for most to approach a decision, a task or a problem from a certain angle. There is nothing wrong with any of these view points, unless it is keeping us stuck, struggling or frustrated. Use those signs as red flags!

If we have a red flag waving around, that it is the perfect time to shift perspective. We have potent power in this perspective maneuvering! It actually can become comfortable and feel very positive to stop and pause and explore all the possibilities, instead of jumping right in with our expected knee jerk reaction. Seeing things from new angles strengthens our ability to practice trust, listen to our intuition, and follow our truth.

Doing this often allows a new light to be shed on the situation. It allows us to explore, to use different skills, to engage with different energies. It is not always done without effort, but it does become easier with time. We have great power in within us that can aid in our choices, our decisions, and our efforts. We do not have to do it the same way every time, actually it is best we don't. So the next time we hear our self saying, "This is how I always do this" we need to pause and seek a different point of view. We need to see if approaching the moment with a different perspective changes your outcome, how we feel, what we need or what we do.

Blessings, Lisa

Listening to Your Own Truth

From a very early age we meet up with people who claim to know what is best for us. And, reasonably, when we were younger this was mostly true. But as we go through our life we are given ample opportunities to listen, to learn, to explore and to engage. From these opportunities we learn to listen to our truth.

The insights of others, though at times helpful, cannot compare to our own individual awareness and the answers that are within us. When we come into this world we come with our individual wisdom that is unique to us only. It is the perfect gift of energies, intuition, discernment and more. As we add life experience to this it grows more and more powerful. The more we use it and rely upon it the better it serves us.

Our truth fits only us all of the time. It does not let us down. It does not set us up. It is our universal connection. It bridges our soul's energies, our life experiences and our inner wisdom. It helps us to identify danger, to place focus on our values and to fuel our inspiration.

Our truth is one of our very strongest and most powerful tools. The better we get at using it, the more familiar we become at listening to it and the more confident we are in its authenticity the more it will serve us. As our consciousness grows and expands, so does our truth.

Blessings, Lisa

Warning Signs


Do you know your warning signs? Are you aware of your red flags? Do you listen to them? The Universe wants for us to succeed, to move forward and to grow. That is not to say we won't face struggles or have challenges. Many times those situations are where some of our best lessons wait for us. They are important stepping stones to our evolution.

But there are those times when our gut tries to gain our attention. There are those moments when our intuition grabs us. These are moments when we can pause, tune in and then reconsider. The better our connection to our inner truth and to our soul awareness the stronger these signals are.

The act of tuning in is a choice. It may mean stopping what we are doing. It may mean changing direction or course. It may mean not doing what we had planned. This all can create disappointment and even cause others to chime in with their opinions. Regardless, we learn with time that not paying attention to these warning signs can be costly.

Our ignoring these messages is almost always followed with regret. Paying attention to these signs is part of the journey. They are put there to help move us in the direction of our truth, which is not always what we "think" is what we need or where want to go. Hindsight offers the awareness that these red flags are really very important and should hold an importance in our decision making.

Reassessing and reconsidering are skills that are important for our life path. Bringing our awareness to them and staying in the moment helps to create room for them in the flow of the day. When those red flags pop up, look at it as a way of the Universe or Source looking out for you and providing you with opportunities to adjust your settings for the right course.

Blessings, Lisa

Living With Heart and Soul


I have come to believe that the heart and soul are the wisest parts of my being. In my youth and then later into my adulthood my learning skills, my academic achievements and my knowledge base were aspects that gained me applause and I shined brightly. But over time I have learned that what I rely on more fully than any book knowledge, what I turn to consistently for guidance and resource, and the place that I find the richest source of my wisdom is my heart and soul. Never do they fail me.

They are alive. They are filled with light. Just as the Universe is. The Universe is not about intellect, it is about energy and experience and flow. While knowledge is a valuable thing, it can and will fail us. But the energies of our heart and soul don't. We just have to gain practice in turning to them, being present with them, practicing life with their energies and bringing them into our presence.

When I am living with heart I am living within the love aspect of my soul. It is a very different and essential level of my being. My intuition awakens, my focus is direct. Living with soul love is not based on an emotional love. This soul level is a much higher vibration. It is a finely tuned energy that allows me to grasp the essence of someone. And it is done without my projecting any of my feelings or beliefs onto the situation. It is clean, pure, vibrant and alive. And it is impersonal. Don't confuse that with cold or uncaring. But instead it is so deep and present that my "story" remains outside of the equation and the focus is only on the other person or the situation at hand.

How have I learned to live with heart and soul? Mainly through appreciation. This act is a big turn on for the heart and soul. Why? Because it is based on a choice, a conscious choice to live with your soul present as opposed to living with emotional responses to life. We call it forth. We put intention into it. We choose to be appreciative of life, wonders, relationships, miracles, beauty, lessons, pain, and more. Our appreciation muscle needs a daily workout to get stronger and stronger. Eventually, living a life full of appreciation becomes easier and grace filled. When we live this way our heart and soul flow with love and wisdom. We learn to listen differently, to check in more often and to see with expansion. Living with heart and soul opens us up to the energies of the Universe, to the vibrations of love and beauty and everything shifts from there.

Blessings, Lisa