Warning Signs


Do you know your warning signs? Are you aware of your red flags? Do you listen to them? The Universe wants for us to succeed, to move forward and to grow. That is not to say we won't face struggles or have challenges. Many times those situations are where some of our best lessons wait for us. They are important stepping stones to our evolution.

But there are those times when our gut tries to gain our attention. There are those moments when our intuition grabs us. These are moments when we can pause, tune in and then reconsider. The better our connection to our inner truth and to our soul awareness the stronger these signals are.

The act of tuning in is a choice. It may mean stopping what we are doing. It may mean changing direction or course. It may mean not doing what we had planned. This all can create disappointment and even cause others to chime in with their opinions. Regardless, we learn with time that not paying attention to these warning signs can be costly.

Our ignoring these messages is almost always followed with regret. Paying attention to these signs is part of the journey. They are put there to help move us in the direction of our truth, which is not always what we "think" is what we need or where want to go. Hindsight offers the awareness that these red flags are really very important and should hold an importance in our decision making.

Reassessing and reconsidering are skills that are important for our life path. Bringing our awareness to them and staying in the moment helps to create room for them in the flow of the day. When those red flags pop up, look at it as a way of the Universe or Source looking out for you and providing you with opportunities to adjust your settings for the right course.

Blessings, Lisa