Spiritual life coaching brings together your spiritual beliefs and practices and weaves them together with an understanding of choices and patterns of behavior. Focus is applied to provide clarity to your goals, your energies, your relationships with others as well as your connection to Source. Whatever your spiritual belief or practice, spiritual life coaching provides a personal and unique approach to bringing your life, your beliefs and your intentions to a fuller and more satisfying place.


Spiritual Life Coaching incorporates the structure and direction of personal life coaching with a foundation in spiritual practices, intentions and insights. I bring my passion for women's spirituality and apply this with a direct focus on the working principles for one's life path.

Many are living lives filled with drama and conflict, dissatisfaction and disappointment in self and others, and have feelings of aimlessness or restriction. I support those that I work with on a personal path to finding their joy, freedom and sense of self. Through an encouraging approach and with gentleness I guide you down a path toward a fully engaged life. My strengths are in discovering ways to obtain goals and desires, to map out dreams in order to bring them into reality and to create a life filled with meaning and forward movement. Utilizing you personal spiritual beliefs and practices a bridge is created for the body, mind and spirit connection.

Spiritual Life Coaching sessions are different from Soul Mentoring as it is a more structured approach with specific modalities used along with your spiritual beliefs and practices. Actions and activities are often suggested to help create supportive structure around your efforts to manifest your intentions and goals.

Each Spiritual Life Coaching session is approximately one hour and is $100.

All fees are non-refundable.

Working with you has had so much grace and safety to it. I have gone deep into what I needed to but never felt stuck there. You have a way of supporting me as I look, learn and then let go. I have never been able to do this before. What is amazing to me is how generous you are and humble. You keep telling me that you are helping, supporting and guiding, that I doing the hard work, yet it has never felt so possible before. I have found happiness again. I cannot thank you enough.
— Julie S.

Lisa Meade

For more information about Spiritual Life Coaching or to schedule a session contact Lisa