Potent Perspective

We are very fortunate to have a life that allows so many possibilities. Nothing is written in stone. If we remember this, we then place ourselves in position to allow new perspectives to be a part of our focus.

Then next time something is occurring in our life that is not going the way we want it too, or the next time we feel we have limited options, we should try shifting our perspective. To keep our vision one sided eliminates so many possibilities. We need to practice stepping away from the view we have a tendency towards and find a new one.

The best way to do this is to become familiar with our focus tendencies. Do we tend to see things in a very linear fashion? Perhaps we like to think about how our decisions will impact others and we get caught up in that. Maybe we are someone who places so much attention in the tiny details that we cannot see the big picture. It is completely normal for most to approach a decision, a task or a problem from a certain angle. There is nothing wrong with any of these view points, unless it is keeping us stuck, struggling or frustrated. Use those signs as red flags!

If we have a red flag waving around, that it is the perfect time to shift perspective. We have potent power in this perspective maneuvering! It actually can become comfortable and feel very positive to stop and pause and explore all the possibilities, instead of jumping right in with our expected knee jerk reaction. Seeing things from new angles strengthens our ability to practice trust, listen to our intuition, and follow our truth.

Doing this often allows a new light to be shed on the situation. It allows us to explore, to use different skills, to engage with different energies. It is not always done without effort, but it does become easier with time. We have great power in within us that can aid in our choices, our decisions, and our efforts. We do not have to do it the same way every time, actually it is best we don't. So the next time we hear our self saying, "This is how I always do this" we need to pause and seek a different point of view. We need to see if approaching the moment with a different perspective changes your outcome, how we feel, what we need or what we do.

Blessings, Lisa

The Work In Making A Decision


I was once told there are no bad decisions, just poor actions. Staying in a place of contemplation for too long keeps me in a place of stuck. I know enough to take a peek around the corner and see what fears are lurking that I am not facing. I know enough that my story can get wrapped up in this process if I do not stay true and open, authentic and alert to what my soul is telling me and how it is guiding me.

Life is filled with decisions for us all. Sometimes we feel we have no choice, but we always do. Sometimes we feel stuck, but we are keeping us in that place, not the situation. Sometimes we need to walk away, get a fresh perspective, spend some of our pent up energies and allow the flow to find its way out and around.

Bottom line is I know the pattern at hand when I am feeling like this. Most decisions I face are made without struggle and with confidence. But this one area that I am facing is the one that causes this pattern to resurface. So the work continues. I look inward. I do my soul-work and give myself the space and time needed to lean into that, be fully present in it and listen closely to the truth that surfaces.  What still needs to be faced? What needs to be released? How can I gain a fresh perspective? What can I accept healing grace in?

That is really the decision to be made. That is really the dilemma. And so I continue in my growth and evolution. It is part of life. It is what makes it so beautiful and alive. It is not always easy. It is not always clear and obvious. But once you know...you cannot unknow. I want to be full. I want to be aware. I want to be present. The only way I know to do this, is to keep moving on, to keep self-loving, and to be honest and accepting.

The decisions I am facing will get made. And they will be the right decisions. Why? Because I know I am not willing to sit in a place of making poor actions. I am willing to challenge the old beliefs. I am willing to take chances. I am willing to change the way I do things and think about things. This is how I have been able to rise above so many other obstacles in the past. Onward!

Blessings, Lisa