Your Soul's Tool Box

We all acquire a unique tool box as we move through life. The experiences we face ensure that we get creative, that we learn by trial and error and that we sometimes find success, accomplishment and progress. It is during these times that we discover new tools and learn to use them.

Whether it be visualizing, journaling, journeying, rituals, meditating, or any other act that calls to us, our soul guides us to tools that will benefit our life's work and progress. The more regularly we use our soul's tools the more we grow accustomed to them and learn to rely upon them for our work.

With the skills we gain in our days and the soul tools we gather we face our challenges with more agility, stronger intention and vibrant insight. Our soul tools can become an important aspect of how we move through life. The Universe responds to our attempts and brings to us what we need next. Our energies are engaged.

One thing that is needed in order for us to be our most authentic self we need to learn what our soul tool box holds. We need to become skilled at the use of these tools; knowing how and when to turn to them. Unless we put them to use, they cannot serve us. Sounds pretty obvious, yet often people fall into patterns that do not serve them well. Reminding ourselves that there are options to the way we make decisions, that we have choices about the tools we can use to best fit the situation that we are facing and that we can learn to rely on these tools to help us grow and expand toward our soul's calling.

Blessings, Lisa

Finding Your True North Food

We all understand that the food we eat fuels our body. We have some understanding that making "healthy" choices will help our body work better. We understand that the quality of the food we eat has an impact on how we feel.

But do we know that there is so much more to the body's relationship with food? Do we understand the body, the mind and the soul are impacted by our food choices. If we can agree that EVERYTHING in life is made up of energy, and this fact has been scientifically proven...Google it, then the energy we are consuming will have a direct relationship to the energy that we ARE!

Finding your true north is about finding YOUR way. Not that of the person sitting next to you or someone whose book you have read about their path or their choices. We are all incredibly, beautifully unique. That means our energies are unique and one of a kind. What works for me in regards to my relationship with food may not work for you. Our bodies are sending each of us their own personal messages.

How we listen to those messages, what we do with that information and how we invest in this relationship will be what has the most dramatic impact on your body, your mind and your soul connection. The one thing I have learned over time is that many people have a hard time "hearing" these messages and an even harder time interpreting them. It is an intimate connection between the foods we eat and how they serve our body. Finding the balance that is right for one person will be a terrible imbalance for another.

Then there is the whole aspect of understanding the energies to be found in the foods we eat. You can imagine that the energies of a beautiful bowl of fresh seasonal fruit is going to be quite different than that of a cupcake. Tuning into these energies, seeking what our body needs in the moment, what our mind and soul are seeking is all part of the equation. There are times when that cupcake are extremely important and satisfying and brings the "just right" energy to our body! Just as there are times when the bowl of fruit is the optimal choice.

Over the past several years I have developed a lovely relationship with my body and food. I have learned to listen to the messages. I have shifted my thinking about good versus bad foods. I have delighted my soul with powerful unique energies that keep me balanced and vibrant and alive! I have shared this understanding with many. Over time Finding Your True North Food was born.

Everyone can have a balanced and satisfying relationship with their body and food. Every relationship will be different. Learning how to nurture this relationship, to understand it, to keep it sound and balanced is an important aspect of our well being; body, mind and soul.

Blessings, Lisa

Warning Signs


Do you know your warning signs? Are you aware of your red flags? Do you listen to them? The Universe wants for us to succeed, to move forward and to grow. That is not to say we won't face struggles or have challenges. Many times those situations are where some of our best lessons wait for us. They are important stepping stones to our evolution.

But there are those times when our gut tries to gain our attention. There are those moments when our intuition grabs us. These are moments when we can pause, tune in and then reconsider. The better our connection to our inner truth and to our soul awareness the stronger these signals are.

The act of tuning in is a choice. It may mean stopping what we are doing. It may mean changing direction or course. It may mean not doing what we had planned. This all can create disappointment and even cause others to chime in with their opinions. Regardless, we learn with time that not paying attention to these warning signs can be costly.

Our ignoring these messages is almost always followed with regret. Paying attention to these signs is part of the journey. They are put there to help move us in the direction of our truth, which is not always what we "think" is what we need or where want to go. Hindsight offers the awareness that these red flags are really very important and should hold an importance in our decision making.

Reassessing and reconsidering are skills that are important for our life path. Bringing our awareness to them and staying in the moment helps to create room for them in the flow of the day. When those red flags pop up, look at it as a way of the Universe or Source looking out for you and providing you with opportunities to adjust your settings for the right course.

Blessings, Lisa

What Road Shall You Take?


We often say we are on our path; spiritual path, path of passion, path of beauty, or path of service. These paths help us transition through the layers and levels of our growth and expansion. There are times when we are not sure what direction to choose next. What road should we take to get us to the next place in our life for fulfillment, happiness, and awareness.

For me, checking and listening to my soul is the best way to receive my directions and clues. These clues often lead me to places of expansion that transcend my biggest dreams, go beyond my deepest longing and challenge me to reach further than I thought I could. My soul knows where I need to go, what I need to get there and who I will meet along the way. Learning to trust these intuitive messages takes time, but with repeated practice and awareness, I have found my way.

My soul brings forth my fearless juices. I steep in these and find my creativity, my ideals and my hopes. I journal, I dream, I dance, I sing into being my next steps, my next path, or my next journey. Choosing the next path becomes easier. The signals are clearer. My understanding is deeper.

One step at a time leads me to the next direction. Being in the moment and being present helps me navigate the twists or turns that may present. Remaining open to the possibilities that may occur brings wonder and a certain excitement to each day. Rarely, if ever, am I bored or overwhelmed. Always, I am engaged and feeling alive!

Blessings, Lisa