The Power of a Talisman

Throughout time people have turned to symbols and tools, body adornment and decoration to help them embody power and energies. We have learned that by placing significance and intention into these objects and symbols we are reminded of our own power within. Over time and with practice and experience we incorporated crystals and stones, natural artifacts, colors, and more to these items to bring even more energies to them.

So what turns a pocket treasure or a pretty piece of jewelry into a powerful talisman? What sets it apart from a much loved piece to a spiritual reminder? Once again it comes down to the intention and the ritual or practice that we apply it to. By definition a talisman is any item that is imbued with specific power by its owner to serve a specific intention. They help ground that intention in our physical realm and on a soul level as well.

A talisman can intend protection, empowerment, attract abundance and more. The more one works with the talisman the more personal it becomes. Whether it be gems, wood, metal, plant, animal or even written word, a talisman can be tremendously powerful to the owner. More often than not the size of the talisman makes it easy to tuck away in a pocket, to be worn or to be carried throughout the day.

Markings that is often inscribed somewhere on the talisman can be in the forms of actual words or in symbols that are universal or specific to the owner. There is no one way for someone to create their talisman. Not only can it then serve in attracting what it is you intend, but it also serves as a reminder of your soul's calling and work.

When you want to create your own personal talisman there are many aspects of it to think about. The intention and planning of its creation is a big part of the power it is bringing. What element is it going to be made from? What energies does that element have? What color would you choose? If there is a symbol or some words that you want to include what will they be?

Once the talisman is created it needs to be cleansed and then charged with your personal energies. Some ways the cleansing can happen are by either smudging or placing the item in the sun or moonlight. The charging can happen by placing it on a personal altar and holding it during your spiritual time or by sitting with it and focusing deeply on what your specific intention is for it to represent. See in your mind's eye the outcome of using this talisman.

Nearly any item that you own can be used as a talisman whether it is a family heirloom or a newly purchased item or something hand crafted. It can be worn as "jewelry" or carried with you throughout the day. What is most important is the cleansing of it to remove any unwanted energies and then the charging of it with the bearer's intentions and energies. Many have found that using a talisman becomes a beautiful affirming representation of their goals and intentions and serves as a personal reminder of their connection to source.

Blessings, Lisa

The Call Of The Wild

Have you ever awoken and burrowed under your covers only to be summoned forth by the sweet melodies of the birds outside your window? Have you ever opened that window and felt the gentle stirrings of the breeze through your hair and were tickled with delight? Have you ever followed that breeze to the fragrance of the flowers within it out to the garden below? Oh, how our body and soul responds to the touch of Nature.

The innate wisdom of our Being knows that there is tremendous healing to be found in the embrace of Nature. She beckons us to join Her. To break away from the chaos and routine of our day and step into Her timelessness.

She wants for us to breathe deeply. She encourages us to ground ourselves as we walk barefoot in the dewy grass. She places before us sights, sounds, sensations and smells to remind us of our universal connectedness. All this helps us to release what we have been lugging about day in and day along our path, that no longer serves us or can be put aside during this time of gentle healing.

It is here that we nourish our soul. It is here where we remember who we are. It is here that we find our rhythm again. It is here that we connect with the energies of all and find our inner light longs to shine brightly and our soul delights in the beauty that surrounds us.

We instinctively know that the call of Nature is meant to be answered. We know how good it is for us and how powerful its healing is. The next time you hear it, step forward and answer with great joy and awaken the beauty of YOU that is waiting.

Blessings, Lisa

Choose Your Words Wisely

Being awake and aware changes many things in your life. One subtle change that has a tremendous impact on your relationship with others and with yourself is the change in your choice of words. There is great power and energy in the words we choose to speak and think. Our language is one of our most potent tools.

Think to a time when someone said something to you that stung? Labels are words and they often cling to us from childhood well into adulthood and create personal viewpoints and definitions of who we are.

Bringing consciousness to the words we speak and think is part of being aware. When we recognize the power of words, we choose more carefully and we speak with intention. Words can be energetically charged. Knowing this and handling them with care means we speak with integrity.

A great practice around words is to take a few days to be very conscious of what you say. Do you have key phrases that you use? When you are feeling certain emotions what words creep into your conversations? What beliefs do you hold about the words you speak, the names and labels you own? Make note of how you feel when you speak with different people in your life. Are there those who you walk away from feeling powerful, alive, happy and positive versus someone who seems to bring you down or drain you of your energies? What is the difference in the words they use?

Perhaps you have noticed that you may have a "slip of the lip" when you speak too quickly or without giving much thought to what you are saying. It happens to us all, but it is a great reminder of the power of our words.

The intention we bring to our conversations also impacts the power of our words. Rambling on, speaking quickly or barely commenting send very different messages than when we speak with confident intent and thoughtful phrasing. The power of our words can offer inspiration, healing and joy. Being mindful of the potency of our conversations can bring about tremendous change in our relationships and how the world responds to us.

Blessings, Lisa


Potent Perspective

We are very fortunate to have a life that allows so many possibilities. Nothing is written in stone. If we remember this, we then place ourselves in position to allow new perspectives to be a part of our focus.

Then next time something is occurring in our life that is not going the way we want it too, or the next time we feel we have limited options, we should try shifting our perspective. To keep our vision one sided eliminates so many possibilities. We need to practice stepping away from the view we have a tendency towards and find a new one.

The best way to do this is to become familiar with our focus tendencies. Do we tend to see things in a very linear fashion? Perhaps we like to think about how our decisions will impact others and we get caught up in that. Maybe we are someone who places so much attention in the tiny details that we cannot see the big picture. It is completely normal for most to approach a decision, a task or a problem from a certain angle. There is nothing wrong with any of these view points, unless it is keeping us stuck, struggling or frustrated. Use those signs as red flags!

If we have a red flag waving around, that it is the perfect time to shift perspective. We have potent power in this perspective maneuvering! It actually can become comfortable and feel very positive to stop and pause and explore all the possibilities, instead of jumping right in with our expected knee jerk reaction. Seeing things from new angles strengthens our ability to practice trust, listen to our intuition, and follow our truth.

Doing this often allows a new light to be shed on the situation. It allows us to explore, to use different skills, to engage with different energies. It is not always done without effort, but it does become easier with time. We have great power in within us that can aid in our choices, our decisions, and our efforts. We do not have to do it the same way every time, actually it is best we don't. So the next time we hear our self saying, "This is how I always do this" we need to pause and seek a different point of view. We need to see if approaching the moment with a different perspective changes your outcome, how we feel, what we need or what we do.

Blessings, Lisa