Soul mentoring provides a way for those searching to find answers to the questions that continue to elude them. Tending to the body, mind and soul's connection is a way to bring into alignment our efforts, our thoughts and our energies. During a soul mentoring session you weave through these connections and find direction and understanding. Soul mentoring is a valuable tool in understanding your life's calling, your inner truth, and your patterns.


A soul mentoring session is different from a soul retrieval, as it does not require a journey. There may not be soul loss, necessarily, but instead some sense of confusion or lack of clarity. All the answers are within you already, but sometimes we need support in finding them, hearing them and in shifting our perspective to see them.

During a soul mentoring session I ask you to share your story and your intention for the session. I listen between the lines, looking for patterns, fear or confusion. Through the use of metaskills, shamanic tools, the application of  my intuitive gifts and information from spirit guides I am able to help you find the answers within, offer shamanic tools that can be powerful in creating change and activating the intention and help in offering supportive possibilities to move forward. According to shamanic authors Amy and Arnold Mindell, “Metaskills are the feeling qualities, or attitudes that bring learned skills to life and make them useful.” In a soul mentoring session I use these skills to hear and feel the essence of your soul story and help bring into alignment what is amiss. Every story has the potential to change, to be re-written and understood with new meaning.

Each Soul Mentoring session lasts approximately one hour and is $100.

All fees are non-refundable.

Lisa has a tender loving way of pulling out the highest and best of every one she touches. Her deep wisdom comes forward powerfully yet gently. She has facilitated opening me up to new perspectives in every aspect of my life. Whether it has been through Veg Vitality, Embracing Your Power Within, private Journey’s, Soul Retrieval’s, or one on one private Soul Mentoring Sessions, I have had some of THE most intense learning and growth experiences of my over 50 years of life. I say to her often, why did I wait so long to learn to live this way?
— Karen C.

Lisa Meade

For more information about Soul Mentoring or to schedule a session contact Lisa