What's Love Got To Do With It?



So, what does love have to do with it? Everything! Think back to the time you were so invested in something that you were incredibly passionate about. Remember how energies just seemed to flow through you with such a beautiful presence. You felt positive about life. You were engaged. You were present. Every cell in our body was focused on what we are passionately committed to. 

But then life and responsibilities can sometimes step in our path toward our dreams and passions. We need to place our focus elsewhere, and even sometimes, onto things that we are not fond of or even greatly dislike. This saps our energies. Other times we may allow others to draw us away from what we love. They may tell us we are wasting our time, that we are not or do not have enough of what it takes to make our dream a reality. This sucks our passionate energies dry. 

When we make a choice to forget our passions and allow life to steal away from us those energies of vitality we are stepping into a form of self-sabotage. Why would we purposely choose to forget about our dreams? Because it keeps us in our safe zone. It keeps us from possibly having to take a risk or two. But just because we are refusing to acknowledge our passion and we are ignoring our dreams does not mean that they are not still existing somewhere within us. This ignoring causes a deep empty void within us. We do not feel whole or complete. We may become depressed because we are not invested in this love of ours. We may become despondent because we have given up on something that brought us great joy. We may become bitter or resentful of all else that demands our attention because we have lost a sense of balance between what HAS to be done and what we CAN do. Nothing really can fill this void other than some passion of some sort, even if it is a newly acquired passion.

The beauty of having passion in your life is that it is rarely a choice between our responsibilities and our dreams. We just need to find the balance. If life becomes overwhelming and burdensome, what better way to lighten the load than to take a small window of time and do something you love. If you have forgotten what you were once passionate about, what do you have on your bucket list? Perhaps you can start there. If travel is something you have a dream of, but cannot afford it today due to time or finances, why not read up on where you want to go, eat some food you would find there, listen to some music of that location, or watch a movie that takes place there. What can you creatively do to keep the dream alive until the time is right?

What if you have always been passionate about creating art of some kind but have little time to devote to it because of other commitments? Perhaps you can take a course that meets a couple times a month to feed that fire burning within you. Or maybe you devote just a couple hours a week to your art. You will be surprised that when you invest in your passion, whatever it may be, that the positive energies will buoy you and shift your perspective in such positive ways. What once felt impossible now becomes a need that you cannot ignore and your soul helps you find ways to tend to it and give it the attention it deserves.

You don't need to drop everything to pursue your dreams. You can keep the spark alive even by choosing to take small steps in the direction of your passion. When we bring passion back into our life, a positive energy begins to flow to us and from us. We view life differently. We have an appreciation for things we may have overlooked. We find a balance that keeps us happy and connected to Spirit, community and our soul's vitality.


Do You Know How To Go With the Flow?


When we think about going with the flow, we think of a water way, a brook or a river and we are allowing the energy of this water to carry us freely forward. We don't fight it or push against it. There can be misconceptions about people who are good at going with the flow. 

Some may be thought of as not highly driven, not ambitious, not committed. And yet, to go with the flow, to really allow yourself to be carried forward with the present energies takes tremendous awareness and presence. It means that you are able to meld with the energies at hand. You have worked so well with your energetic vibration that you are able to truly get out of its way.

Don't think though that going with the flow means that you are not intention filled or not invested in the outcome of the given situation. It does mean though, that you are so very present and engaged with life that you are able to wisely observe the energies around you, the energies within a given situation, and that you are able to find your fluidity within this energetic vibration. You have an understanding that this energy is much bigger than you or your agenda and that the best way to find the best outcome that serves your highest good is to work with the energies and not fight them.

This requires tremendous trust. We need to trust in Source, trust our Guides, trust our Soul's call, trust Divine timing, trust many different aspects of the energetic and sacred world around us. This can be hard, especially if we are living in the past or projecting to the future. If we are worried that something will go wrong like it has before or if we are worried that there may be something around the corner that we don't know about...we are not in the flow. Instead, we may find ourselves stuck in the mud. We are focusing all our energy and attention on what ifs. We fall into old patterns that may not serve us in this moment. We cling to fear. We obsess over possibilities. And we think we can somehow control outcomes.

When this happens we need to take a deep breath, ground ourselves, bring ourselves back to the present and lean back into a trust that the big picture of our life is designed to serve our highest good and that by flowing with the energies of the present moment is the best, most efficient and most effective way to move forward. 

Coming Back To Center

It has taken nearly seven years. It was then that we first decided that we wanted to move to Colorado from Connecticut. It took years of visiting this amazing state to find the land that called us home. We are so blessed to have found our Forevermore on a mountaintop in Florissant. We are this lands stewards, caretakers, and guardians. We share these 80 acres with all the creatures of the land, with the mountains and the red rock, with the Ponderosa Pines and Douglas Fir, with the endless sky that is often dancing with Hawk and Raven, with the landscape of Bear, Coyote, Rabbit, Elk, and Mountain Lion.

Moving from a home that we have lived in for twenty years with our five children has been an adventure, a burden, a bore, a bonding experience, a cleanse and so very much more. But it has taken time. LOTS of time. And since there are only 24 hours in any given day, it meant having to put some things down and to push pause.

That meant having to let go of some things, one of which was writing my Spirit Blog. While I did continue to write, to work with clients, to teach programs and hold retreats, this was one of a few of my favorite things that I had to let go of due to a full plate and not enough time.

Finally, I am coming back to center. It feels good to have two new programs ready to launch on August first, (see notes below) and to dive back into my Spirit Blog. Additionally, soon I will begin a new Facebook page called Mountain Medicine Woman. Here I will share some of life on the mountain and some of the wildcrafting that I do and shamanic practice that is part of my day.

So, what do I mean by coming back to center? Think about a time of overwhelm in your life, a time of some chaos, stress, or struggle. We all have been there. And we usually come out the other side, maybe a bit tired, with some new lessons under our belt, and filled with relief that we can put whatever the stress was behind us. But then what? How do you come back to center?

For me, it is a reclaiming of things I had to put aside that are important to me. It is doing self-care to help remind me of how valuable my body temple is. It is pausing and savoring the preciousness of life that I had lost sight of. It is getting back into the arms of Mother Earth and being one with Her. It is re-engaging in my spiritual practice with a new breath. It is remembering what I am passionate about, what brings me joy, what causes me to lose all track of time as I delight in moments of wonder and awe.

What happens when I come back to center? Everything seems to re-align. My energetic vibration glows with positivity. My body shines with strength and health. My thoughts are alive with possibilities. My heart-space grows and the Universe responds.

Yes, we all can get pulled off track. We all can get buried in tasks. We all can be slammed by stress. It is part of life. I don't know how to live life fully and not have this happen once in awhile. But, it is a choice on what we do after the storm. Coming back to center is the best soul medicine I can choose for me. And the better I care for me, the better I can be in soul service.

If you are interested in my newest programs, visit The Shamanic Priestess Path or The Quest of the Shamanic Priestess under programs on my website, www.womenwithinsight.com

Food for the Soul

I often notice that whenever someone I care about is suffering self-care has fallen by the wayside. I notice that getting a good night's sleep, some kind of exercise or body movement, making healthy choices in food and doing something that they enjoy and brings them pleasure are not even considered. I also notice that these are the very same things that people lose sight of when they become too busy.

We live in a society that is success driven. We are often seeking happiness. Almost any conversation can lead to beauty or health. And yet, we don't seem to understand the connection, or perhaps it is the disconnect, of nurturing the body, mind and soul.

Years ago, I had a professor who shared with me his belief that in order for someone to truly feel whole, to experience well being and to obtain happiness they needed to tend to the needs of the body, mind and the soul, not just one or two, but all three together. Leaving any one of these unattended would prevent fulfillment and one would always feel something was lacking.

You don't have to look to far to find ways to nurture your body. There are plenty of resources that will enlighten you to what your body needs to obtain the just right weight, activity and rest. Additionally, there are so many options one can chose to help bring rest to the mind, positivity to the thoughts, challenges to expand and keep alive the brain and distraction to relieve stressful thoughts.

But often we struggle with finding what it is we need to feed our soul. What satisfies it? What delights it? What gives it pause to rest? How do we engage with it on a daily basis and tend to its needs? For each of us there are different answers to these questions. But, just asking the questions is part of the honoring. Be assured the answers will come in time.

There are some "tools" that I have found that help me uncover my soul's needs. Nature is the perfect environment. There is something about taking a hike or sitting beneath a tree or swinging in a hammock that unlocks the door the conversation with the Universe. Here I am able to entertain the ideas that bubble up of what I need or long for, what delights me and how can I find ways to invite this into my day.

Writing in a journal often gives my soul voice. Slowly the words come together to explore the possibilities of what I could do with my free time or what my spiritual practice desires. Within the lines of my journal I begin to see a pattern forming and the solution to my situation presents itself and I am able to manifest something of value.

Taking the time to nurture our soul is as equally important as the time we spend taking care of our body's needs and our mind's thoughts. This time spent will enrich our day and our spiritual practice. It will help us feel more and more whole, happy and full. The balance becomes complete and the world responds in kind with more and more possibilities for us to embrace to maintain our well being.

Blessings, Lisa