Creator and Matriarch of Women Withinsight Lisa is devoted to serving her community and offering to them the many tools and insights she has gained in her years of training both in the natural health field and in global spirituality.

Photo Credit: Michael Meade

Photo Credit: Michael Meade

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Lisa Meade


As a visionary and ritualist, I bring my skills and insight to my shamanic and spiritual offerings. Having received my PhD in Natural Health along with my training as a Shaman and a Priestess, I bring a very holistic perspective to my services. I honor and recognize the mind, body, and soul connection in all we do.

Having facilitated at numerous women's empowerment programs, women’s spiritual retreats and shamanic offerings, I bring a unique style of leadership to the community.  Being a Co-Creator and a Founding Voice of the Stop The Beauty Madness campaign, as well as serving as the Community Relations Director and Senior Blogger, has given me opportunity to share my passion, experience and insight around positive body image and body acceptance with a global community in over 100 countries.

I offer a wide range of services so that my clients are able to choose what works best for their needs, whether in person, by phone, online, in a group setting or one on one. I am an avid writer and my Spirit Blog is shared by many. I have also served as a contributor to various online magazines, and host several social media pages. Creating global connections through the variety of these relationships has allowed me to bring my work to clients internationally as well as close to home.

I am a devout whole food plant based foodie and enjoy educating and supporting people in learning about the plant based life style. Whether it is to introduce recipes using local seasonal produce, or to share my knowledge about GMO free foods or the beauty to be found in the sacred act of honoring your body temple, my enthusiasm is said to be contagious and invigorating. 

However you choose to bring me into your life; as a shaman, a soul mentor, an author, a facilitator or coach my deep personal connection to soul work will be present. I will share with you an energy that will not only embrace you where you are but also encourage and support you in your forward vision. I take great pride in helping those I work with see the potent energy to be found by being present and in the moment, to tap into the beauty of the gifts and lessons that are brought to their day and how to bring their soul and its wondrous energy to each thought, action and word spoken. I strongly believe and live with the knowledge and trust that possibilities are abundant.

Feel free to contact me regarding payment options and plans. Flexibility creates possibilities for all seeking my services.



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