The Gentle Act of Comfort

There are many people who are suffering, for many reasons, and feeling alone, misunderstood and fearful. There are also many people who are in their lives who do not know how to respond to this pain. They don't know what to do or how to act around this suffering and loss. And so this energy of awkwardness, emptiness, anxiousness and misunderstanding grows.

We don't like to see the ones we love and care for struggle. It causes us distress and discomfort. Often times this makes us feel like we need to DO something to help ease their pain. It also gives us something to focus on instead of being in our own pain and discomfort. But this is not always the needed action. To simply be present with someone who is in pain and allow them to just BE is often the most important thing we can do and a very powerful gift to be able to offer.

Try to remember a time when you were hurting. There really wasn't much anyone could do, the situation existed and you had to live through the loss, the hurt, the disappointment and learn how to move on. The reality is all you really wanted was for someone to offer some compassion, to give you a hug, to hold your hand, to be gentle with you as you tried to move through the hurt, the suffering and find some clarity on what was next. Remember how it felt when that was offered to you. Remember the ease it brought to your heart and mind. Remember how you felt honored and witnessed. Remember how grateful you were for the space of kindness and compassion.

Solace is a tremendous and necessary gift that when offered genuinely and with grace is valued beyond measure. To be able to be with someone who is suffering, sit with their pain and bring your time, your heart, your soul presence is a beautiful offering that holds tremendous healing energies.

We are a fix-it society. But often, when there is pain and loss, the best way to bring peace to the wound is to offer it time, gentleness, rest from the struggle and compassion, tender compassion, to the wounded soul. It keeps that place in time simple and uncomplicated. It keeps the energies quiet and pure. It keeps the heart open and the flow gentle. Bringing this to the life of a friend or loved one who is hurting is a very special gift you can offer; a heart to soul healing love.

Blessings, Lisa

The Work In Making A Decision


I was once told there are no bad decisions, just poor actions. Staying in a place of contemplation for too long keeps me in a place of stuck. I know enough to take a peek around the corner and see what fears are lurking that I am not facing. I know enough that my story can get wrapped up in this process if I do not stay true and open, authentic and alert to what my soul is telling me and how it is guiding me.

Life is filled with decisions for us all. Sometimes we feel we have no choice, but we always do. Sometimes we feel stuck, but we are keeping us in that place, not the situation. Sometimes we need to walk away, get a fresh perspective, spend some of our pent up energies and allow the flow to find its way out and around.

Bottom line is I know the pattern at hand when I am feeling like this. Most decisions I face are made without struggle and with confidence. But this one area that I am facing is the one that causes this pattern to resurface. So the work continues. I look inward. I do my soul-work and give myself the space and time needed to lean into that, be fully present in it and listen closely to the truth that surfaces.  What still needs to be faced? What needs to be released? How can I gain a fresh perspective? What can I accept healing grace in?

That is really the decision to be made. That is really the dilemma. And so I continue in my growth and evolution. It is part of life. It is what makes it so beautiful and alive. It is not always easy. It is not always clear and obvious. But once you cannot unknow. I want to be full. I want to be aware. I want to be present. The only way I know to do this, is to keep moving on, to keep self-loving, and to be honest and accepting.

The decisions I am facing will get made. And they will be the right decisions. Why? Because I know I am not willing to sit in a place of making poor actions. I am willing to challenge the old beliefs. I am willing to take chances. I am willing to change the way I do things and think about things. This is how I have been able to rise above so many other obstacles in the past. Onward!

Blessings, Lisa



Sabotage exists. There are those who are the victims and those who are the saboteurs. But what if we are both. We can be our very own saboteur. We may be practicing certain behaviors that are setting ourselves up for failure or keeping us small, locked in and shut down.

We all have great potential in life. Most of this potential involves change. But for many change is the very thing that makes them cringe, though they may be quite unhappy and dissatisfied with the life they are living and the relationships within in it. But the minute they explore the possibilities that are within change, they begin to find the need to run, to justify or blame.

It is natural for us to want to escape pain or fear. To experience a new way of being, to take a risk, to step into the unknown is very unsettling. For some, so much so, that they unconsciously will shield themselves from it. They will create scenarios that will prevent them from having to be in the change.

Part of our defense mechanisms that often trigger our saboteur to step into action are fear, anxiety, frustration, lack of motivation, anger or dismissive behavior. These feelings can often be the perfect trigger to pull us away from potential change, to keep us from exploring possibilities or to prevent us from facing what is the next step in our evolution. Part of us longs to remain in the safe zone, the familiar places and the expected outcomes. Even when we know that they will not satisfy us or bring us happiness.

Playing it safe can prevent us from moving onward into the life that is designed for us. It can keep us small. It can keep us silent. It can prevent us from taking a part in the wonders and miracles that await us. The unfamiliar is often filled with many gifts and lessons and we prevent ourselves from experiencing them and embracing them because it will mean taking an unfamiliar step, doing something new or acting differently than we usually do. We allow the fear and anxiety to block us in. We create our own prison.

Change is part of life, we can only escape it for so long. Nothing is permanent, so everything, including your fear or failure will be only temporary. The same with your success. That is why we are created to be continuously evolving, learning and growing.

The more and more we worry about tomorrow or create a story about what could happen, the more we sabotage our self. We need to instead build upon all possibilities, not just the ones we fear the most. And in doing so we begin to see the places in which we can take action and move forward.

We cannot force things to happen or not happen, there is a much bigger energy beyond us that plays into the outcome of our lives. But we can be present and open. We can stop expending our energies into making something not happen and instead put it into making things shift and become alive. It takes practice, it takes courage, and it takes patience and flexibility. But in the end you become your biggest contributor and supporter of the life intended for you instead of your saboteur.

Blessings, Lisa

The Stagnancy of Security


Many seek security. They spend great time, money, energy and effort in bringing it into their life hoping that it will add a layer of safety, a blanket of comfort and afford them assurance. But too much security leads to stagnancy.

Security cannot exist if anything unexpected is going to happen to you. It can cause a denial of life and its creative energies. Some like to be in control of all aspects of their life. Not having this control causes them stress, fear and anxiety. They have not learned to trust themselves and their relationship with Source or the messages of their soul.

They like to know what is going to happen next and if it is something they do not want to have happen or like, they will make efforts to keep it from happening. Sometimes these efforts block the energetic flow of a gift heading their way. Sometimes the unfolding of a life event that is different from what you had planned is a life lesson with your name on it.

Frequently, there is great fear in the hearts of these controlling folks. They believe that the world is a dangerous place. For some it is, there is no denying that. But for most, it is not. They create a need to live a guarded life. They cannot withstand any kind of unpredictability. They want a sense of security, as though this will keep unfortunate things from happening to them. In fact, what it actually does, is keep great things, surprising things, miraculous, magical and joyful things from happening to them.

Often times, we know, what we focus on, where we place our attention is what we attract to our life. If we are living a life of fear, if we are constantly on guard and worried that the other shoe is going to drop or that the worst imaginable event is likely to occur, what then will be attracted to us?

How we choose to view the world has a huge impact on how we walk our path. If we view the world as a very dangerous place, filled with events, people and energies that are to be feared, we then limit our possibilities to have the beautifully full and wondrously vibrant life that is awaiting us. Choosing instead to see the world as safe, with some times in which negative can occur, we shift our attention on a life that will become filled with trust, love and abundance. Stagnation is often kept alive when we attempt to make our day far too secure.

Blessings, Lisa