The Gentle Act of Comfort

There are many people who are suffering, for many reasons, and feeling alone, misunderstood and fearful. There are also many people who are in their lives who do not know how to respond to this pain. They don't know what to do or how to act around this suffering and loss. And so this energy of awkwardness, emptiness, anxiousness and misunderstanding grows.

We don't like to see the ones we love and care for struggle. It causes us distress and discomfort. Often times this makes us feel like we need to DO something to help ease their pain. It also gives us something to focus on instead of being in our own pain and discomfort. But this is not always the needed action. To simply be present with someone who is in pain and allow them to just BE is often the most important thing we can do and a very powerful gift to be able to offer.

Try to remember a time when you were hurting. There really wasn't much anyone could do, the situation existed and you had to live through the loss, the hurt, the disappointment and learn how to move on. The reality is all you really wanted was for someone to offer some compassion, to give you a hug, to hold your hand, to be gentle with you as you tried to move through the hurt, the suffering and find some clarity on what was next. Remember how it felt when that was offered to you. Remember the ease it brought to your heart and mind. Remember how you felt honored and witnessed. Remember how grateful you were for the space of kindness and compassion.

Solace is a tremendous and necessary gift that when offered genuinely and with grace is valued beyond measure. To be able to be with someone who is suffering, sit with their pain and bring your time, your heart, your soul presence is a beautiful offering that holds tremendous healing energies.

We are a fix-it society. But often, when there is pain and loss, the best way to bring peace to the wound is to offer it time, gentleness, rest from the struggle and compassion, tender compassion, to the wounded soul. It keeps that place in time simple and uncomplicated. It keeps the energies quiet and pure. It keeps the heart open and the flow gentle. Bringing this to the life of a friend or loved one who is hurting is a very special gift you can offer; a heart to soul healing love.

Blessings, Lisa

The Magic of Imagination


The biggest tool I bring to my life's journey is my imagination. My soul celebrates with it, dances and prances with it. My imagination is the creator of many of my magical questions. It is what allows me to soar through possibilities and wonder at my options. It awakens a special creative focus within me that when I spread that through my solutions and the mystery unfolds!

When I play with my imagination I entertain new qualities I can bring to my day. Through my imagination's view I see with a new perspective. When I bring my imagination to my life's journey I can become an adventurer as I explore and uncover patterns, concepts, processes and energies of my life. I delight in my passions and uncover possibilities that often seem hidden from my realistic view of life.

When I do not take my imagination out to my day's work I find that I feel one-dimensional. I don't go nearly as deep as I can. I feel flat. Life sometimes needs this jolt of energy to keep me from getting stuck and taking things too literal.

My soul thrives in imagination. It recognizes it as potential energy to expand in, to play with, to challenge things over and to step boldly into. Living with imagination keeps me vibrantly multidimensional and awake. When I choose imagination as a means of taking on a situation or a task in my day I bring in energies that create, they help manifest, they see beauty and love, they find the miracles, and the change and shift things. My conditions are altered, I re-write my past scenarios and find potential, and my divine essence blossoms.

Imagination; one of the greatest gifts I have been given. It is vital to the fullness of my life. It is the breath that sets me sailing into the unknown with hope and wonder. It is the fire that fuels my inner light and my passions. It is the delight that forms when I recognize the wonder shimmering throughout my day.

Blessings, Lisa

The Importance of Gifting Free Time


Let's face it, life is often incredibly busy. Our 'to do" list is quite long, complicated and exhausting. And it feels like almost everyday something unexpected gets added to it. We are scheduled in from the moment our eyes open until we drag our tired body off to bed at night. Often, we become so accustomed to this way of being that we forget the beauty and necessity of free time.

But is this really the life we want to be living? There was a recent study done, not a terribly scientific one, but certainly real, in which a hospice nurse reported on the many things that people said as they faced their last days. The common thread was that they wish they had made more time....more time for family, for play, for relaxation, for themselves.

In the end I doubt I will be reflecting with great pride on how much of my "to do" list in life I accomplished. In the end I doubt others will remember how great I managed my hectic schedule. No, but they will instead remember the camping trips, the long walks, the belly laughter, the shedding of shared tears and the holding of hands. In the end I will take with me and also leave behind some of the love and beauty that was generated in these moments.

It is in these moments of free time that we find the glitter of our life. We find our soul reaches out and embraces these moments with intensity and makes certain that we walk away with a full heart and a beautiful memory. Gifts of free time can be of solitude so that we can simply be and discover who we are, what our passions are and what lights the sparks within us. Gifts of free time can be shared with others, but don't need to be scheduled and orchestrated. Instead, surrender to the spontaneity and delight in the wonder of the magic that happens.

Blessings, Lisa