The Stagnancy of Security


Many seek security. They spend great time, money, energy and effort in bringing it into their life hoping that it will add a layer of safety, a blanket of comfort and afford them assurance. But too much security leads to stagnancy.

Security cannot exist if anything unexpected is going to happen to you. It can cause a denial of life and its creative energies. Some like to be in control of all aspects of their life. Not having this control causes them stress, fear and anxiety. They have not learned to trust themselves and their relationship with Source or the messages of their soul.

They like to know what is going to happen next and if it is something they do not want to have happen or like, they will make efforts to keep it from happening. Sometimes these efforts block the energetic flow of a gift heading their way. Sometimes the unfolding of a life event that is different from what you had planned is a life lesson with your name on it.

Frequently, there is great fear in the hearts of these controlling folks. They believe that the world is a dangerous place. For some it is, there is no denying that. But for most, it is not. They create a need to live a guarded life. They cannot withstand any kind of unpredictability. They want a sense of security, as though this will keep unfortunate things from happening to them. In fact, what it actually does, is keep great things, surprising things, miraculous, magical and joyful things from happening to them.

Often times, we know, what we focus on, where we place our attention is what we attract to our life. If we are living a life of fear, if we are constantly on guard and worried that the other shoe is going to drop or that the worst imaginable event is likely to occur, what then will be attracted to us?

How we choose to view the world has a huge impact on how we walk our path. If we view the world as a very dangerous place, filled with events, people and energies that are to be feared, we then limit our possibilities to have the beautifully full and wondrously vibrant life that is awaiting us. Choosing instead to see the world as safe, with some times in which negative can occur, we shift our attention on a life that will become filled with trust, love and abundance. Stagnation is often kept alive when we attempt to make our day far too secure.

Blessings, Lisa