Food for the Soul

I often notice that whenever someone I care about is suffering self-care has fallen by the wayside. I notice that getting a good night's sleep, some kind of exercise or body movement, making healthy choices in food and doing something that they enjoy and brings them pleasure are not even considered. I also notice that these are the very same things that people lose sight of when they become too busy.

We live in a society that is success driven. We are often seeking happiness. Almost any conversation can lead to beauty or health. And yet, we don't seem to understand the connection, or perhaps it is the disconnect, of nurturing the body, mind and soul.

Years ago, I had a professor who shared with me his belief that in order for someone to truly feel whole, to experience well being and to obtain happiness they needed to tend to the needs of the body, mind and the soul, not just one or two, but all three together. Leaving any one of these unattended would prevent fulfillment and one would always feel something was lacking.

You don't have to look to far to find ways to nurture your body. There are plenty of resources that will enlighten you to what your body needs to obtain the just right weight, activity and rest. Additionally, there are so many options one can chose to help bring rest to the mind, positivity to the thoughts, challenges to expand and keep alive the brain and distraction to relieve stressful thoughts.

But often we struggle with finding what it is we need to feed our soul. What satisfies it? What delights it? What gives it pause to rest? How do we engage with it on a daily basis and tend to its needs? For each of us there are different answers to these questions. But, just asking the questions is part of the honoring. Be assured the answers will come in time.

There are some "tools" that I have found that help me uncover my soul's needs. Nature is the perfect environment. There is something about taking a hike or sitting beneath a tree or swinging in a hammock that unlocks the door the conversation with the Universe. Here I am able to entertain the ideas that bubble up of what I need or long for, what delights me and how can I find ways to invite this into my day.

Writing in a journal often gives my soul voice. Slowly the words come together to explore the possibilities of what I could do with my free time or what my spiritual practice desires. Within the lines of my journal I begin to see a pattern forming and the solution to my situation presents itself and I am able to manifest something of value.

Taking the time to nurture our soul is as equally important as the time we spend taking care of our body's needs and our mind's thoughts. This time spent will enrich our day and our spiritual practice. It will help us feel more and more whole, happy and full. The balance becomes complete and the world responds in kind with more and more possibilities for us to embrace to maintain our well being.

Blessings, Lisa

Allowing the Flow

Have you ever heard someone sharing a story about some event in their life that is quite sad or overwhelming and at some point in the sharing they proudly state, "And I have not shed a tear!"? It is as though they want a badge of honor. They feel it somehow measures their strength or resiliency.

I know that there is a wonderful release when I allow my tears to flow. They cleanse my soul, they wash away the pain and they allow my emotions to move on. There is great beauty in the ability to shed tears.

And not all tears are caused by pain. Many times they flow when we are proud, moved deeply, or awestruck. We shed tears when we hear news that brings relief. We cry when we relate to someone on a very deep level.

The soul recognizes our tears as an opportunity for us to process and work through life events. Tears shed in anger can let some of the steam off. Tears of disappointment can bring a pause for us to gain a fresh perspective. Tears of loss expand the love in our heart.

Tears are a physical act that our body affords us to connect with our heart and our soul. They bring us to our vulnerable side and there is no shame in that. We need times to be soft, to let go, and to feel the release of our pain. We find inner peace under the tears. We also need times to feel the connection with others on a soft soulful level. The tears help build energetic bridges between us.

Sometimes a good cry just does a body good! And sometimes it is the best medicine of the soul.

Blessings, Lisa

Go For It


Breaking news: Seeking happiness does not mean you are being selfish! You have a right to be happy. You deserve to be happy. The Universe responds to this happiness.

When we are happy there is a tremendous shift in our energies. We are vibrant. We are more alive and alert. We take on challenges with optimism. We are more flexible. We seek possibilities. When we are happy we relate to others differently. Happiness creates happiness. It is as though it is contagious.

Makes sense, doesn't it? If we are in a state of happiness we then bring our vitality into the world. Our service to others is affected. We are more loving and generous. We bring our best self to the moment. Life is very different when we are happy than when we are not.

So knowing this, it obviously is important to then know what makes us happy. Joseph Campbell is quoted as saying, "Follow your bliss." What is your bliss? Do you even know? I have found that for some this is a difficult question to answer. They are quick to answer what makes them unhappy. But what brings you joy; what activities, what people, or what beliefs? How can you live your joy?

When we follow our bliss we bring into our lives things that make us naturally grow and evolve. We seek things that inspire us. Happiness impacts our spiritual growth as our soul shines brightly and we learn to trust our intuition and seek our truth. Happiness encourages us to care for our body and its needs so that we are healthy and empowered. Joy has the strength to bring positive thinking into our minds and quells the negative stories and self-talk.

Take on the challenge today and find something that brings you happiness. Explore it, be with it and celebrate it. Pay attention to the impact it has on you; body, mind and soul. Your day will be brighter for it.

Blessings, Lisa




Sabotage exists. There are those who are the victims and those who are the saboteurs. But what if we are both. We can be our very own saboteur. We may be practicing certain behaviors that are setting ourselves up for failure or keeping us small, locked in and shut down.

We all have great potential in life. Most of this potential involves change. But for many change is the very thing that makes them cringe, though they may be quite unhappy and dissatisfied with the life they are living and the relationships within in it. But the minute they explore the possibilities that are within change, they begin to find the need to run, to justify or blame.

It is natural for us to want to escape pain or fear. To experience a new way of being, to take a risk, to step into the unknown is very unsettling. For some, so much so, that they unconsciously will shield themselves from it. They will create scenarios that will prevent them from having to be in the change.

Part of our defense mechanisms that often trigger our saboteur to step into action are fear, anxiety, frustration, lack of motivation, anger or dismissive behavior. These feelings can often be the perfect trigger to pull us away from potential change, to keep us from exploring possibilities or to prevent us from facing what is the next step in our evolution. Part of us longs to remain in the safe zone, the familiar places and the expected outcomes. Even when we know that they will not satisfy us or bring us happiness.

Playing it safe can prevent us from moving onward into the life that is designed for us. It can keep us small. It can keep us silent. It can prevent us from taking a part in the wonders and miracles that await us. The unfamiliar is often filled with many gifts and lessons and we prevent ourselves from experiencing them and embracing them because it will mean taking an unfamiliar step, doing something new or acting differently than we usually do. We allow the fear and anxiety to block us in. We create our own prison.

Change is part of life, we can only escape it for so long. Nothing is permanent, so everything, including your fear or failure will be only temporary. The same with your success. That is why we are created to be continuously evolving, learning and growing.

The more and more we worry about tomorrow or create a story about what could happen, the more we sabotage our self. We need to instead build upon all possibilities, not just the ones we fear the most. And in doing so we begin to see the places in which we can take action and move forward.

We cannot force things to happen or not happen, there is a much bigger energy beyond us that plays into the outcome of our lives. But we can be present and open. We can stop expending our energies into making something not happen and instead put it into making things shift and become alive. It takes practice, it takes courage, and it takes patience and flexibility. But in the end you become your biggest contributor and supporter of the life intended for you instead of your saboteur.

Blessings, Lisa