The Soul's Exploration

How do you approach your life? Are you in continual questioning mode? Are you always seeking to advance? Looking to change? Wanting more? Yes, this can definitely be a part of our soul expansion. But there is another side to approaching life.

Soul exploration often happens during a time of pause and reflection. What if we took the time exploring our soul's needs, desires and passions? What would we find? Many times people don't spend enough time in the pause. They forget how important it is to check in, to see what has shifted, what has awakened or what is no longer?

When we break from our daily routine and step into this wondrous place of solitude, quiet and consideration we fine that our soul is so ready to engage with us. It wants for us to feed it more, to embrace wider, to release and finally let go and to dig deeper. Doing this helps our soul bring our purpose closer and closer our way.

Life has the option to be fuller, if we are aware and willing to explore. It is a process. It is not an overnight accomplishment. Sometimes it is best for us to spend a few moments each day in this exploration. Sometimes retreating from our daily tasks and setting aside a day, a weekend, or even a week to really mull over, entertain and wonder is the perfect fit for the exploration.

The more willing we are to look at what our soul has to offer us, the more involved we become in our spiritual practice and our dance in life. We find that we feel connected in a positive and passionate way. We notice our perspective shift. Our vision sharpens. Our words may soften or become more powerful. Our dreams become alive and obtainable. Our relationships become dearer and more meaningful.

When we explore with our soul we remember who we really are. We fall in love with our Self. We bring appreciation for the blessings in our life and we see the possibilities in places that beforehand were closed doors and boring avenues. Life is good, and it can be even better. We just need to be mindful that engaging with our soul is often where we find the brightest spark.

Blessings, Lisa



Some people spend their days learning more about others than themselves. It is true. For many, it is blindness, avoidance or hesitancy. It is challenging to dig deep and bring our awareness to who we are and why. It is challenging to find our patterns and to question if they serve our higher good or not.

To learn who we really are, beneath the roles and labels placed upon us, beneath other's expectations and even our own, we need to become aware. How do we do this? We pay attention. We listen to the messages of our body, from our soul, and within our heart. We also have to learn to watch ourselves in action, day by day, relationship by relationship and note the patterns to our reactions, the needs we fill, the responses we make and the things we shun.

So much of what we do in life is out of habit. We do it without giving it much thought. For the most part this serves us well. Who wants to give full concentration to putting on our socks or wiping down a counter. But what about the parts of our day that we are on autopilot and we would benefit from bringing more awareness to? Examples would be how we react to our child complaining, the time we spend eating a meal, the critical voices we listen to in our head or the way we receive a compliment.

Habitual behavior and patterns can keep us stuck in life. It is not until we become aware of how they are doing that and decide to change them that we see things begin to shift in our lives. When we make a conscious decision to change and do or approach something differently we alter the energies around us. People may react differently to us. Obstacles seem to move out of the way. We find solutions where we thought there were none.

Change can also be unnerving. The tried and true is comfortable. Doing something new feels risky. We can feel unsettled by the change. That is why being gentle and approaching this slowly, checking in with our self and listening to its needs is important.

With practice and patience we become the author of our story and step aside from the labels and roles that we do not want upon us. We live a life that is authentic to us. We call in our desires and act upon them. We let go of things we no longer identify with and have only been carrying around out of habit. Life becomes freer and feels much more in alignment with our heart and soul's callings.

Blessings, Lisa

Not Giving Away Your Power


There are all kinds of pressure; peer pressure, parenting pressure, career pressure, beauty pressure and more. We are continually bombarded by standards that are set for us to adhere to, rise to and accept. But these standards are set by forces outside of us. They are set to keep a division between the haves and have nots, to create a chosen few, the elite, and the beyond special. It creates a series of checks and balances that most accept. But what if you are one who does not accept them as the norm, or a measure of who you are and what you do?

Who are these forces to deem that someone is more worthy than you? For anything? How do they become so powerful in our world? What right has been bestowed upon them? Why do we turn to them for guidance and approval?

We have given our power away in so many circumstances. We believe that others know better who we are and what we need to do. We give them the power to call the shots, set the bar, make our choices and form our opinions.

What if we began to lean into ourselves? What if we gave ourselves permission to trust our own truth, to listen to our own voice, to learn from our own mistakes and successes? You are the very expert you need to consult on decisions about your life. Practicing this act of listening to one's truth and authentic voice takes time, it is often not modeled to us or encouraged. But, that does not mean it is not doable or possible.

No one is more worthy than you of your power. You have the greatest insight on what is right for you. You have the best opinion on what you want. You have the wisest thoughts on what feels true. You have the deepest connection to your truth. No one else does!

Embracing this fact and applying it to your life is a power filled action. It puts you in control of your decision making, your choices, your interests, likes and dislikes without any need to rationalize or hide.

We all need people in our life to share out thoughts with, to have conversations that help us expand in our views and concepts, but in the end it is you who puts the final thought in place within your essence. It is you who creates the pattern for your life tapestry and chooses how to embellish it or trim it back.

Learning to not give our power away is a practice. It is a commitment. It takes time. But in a world where an "expert" is around every corner, to learn to rely upon our own power, strengths and wisdom is a very important skill of survival and leads to days of happiness and grace.

Blessings, Lisa