Some people spend their days learning more about others than themselves. It is true. For many, it is blindness, avoidance or hesitancy. It is challenging to dig deep and bring our awareness to who we are and why. It is challenging to find our patterns and to question if they serve our higher good or not.

To learn who we really are, beneath the roles and labels placed upon us, beneath other's expectations and even our own, we need to become aware. How do we do this? We pay attention. We listen to the messages of our body, from our soul, and within our heart. We also have to learn to watch ourselves in action, day by day, relationship by relationship and note the patterns to our reactions, the needs we fill, the responses we make and the things we shun.

So much of what we do in life is out of habit. We do it without giving it much thought. For the most part this serves us well. Who wants to give full concentration to putting on our socks or wiping down a counter. But what about the parts of our day that we are on autopilot and we would benefit from bringing more awareness to? Examples would be how we react to our child complaining, the time we spend eating a meal, the critical voices we listen to in our head or the way we receive a compliment.

Habitual behavior and patterns can keep us stuck in life. It is not until we become aware of how they are doing that and decide to change them that we see things begin to shift in our lives. When we make a conscious decision to change and do or approach something differently we alter the energies around us. People may react differently to us. Obstacles seem to move out of the way. We find solutions where we thought there were none.

Change can also be unnerving. The tried and true is comfortable. Doing something new feels risky. We can feel unsettled by the change. That is why being gentle and approaching this slowly, checking in with our self and listening to its needs is important.

With practice and patience we become the author of our story and step aside from the labels and roles that we do not want upon us. We live a life that is authentic to us. We call in our desires and act upon them. We let go of things we no longer identify with and have only been carrying around out of habit. Life becomes freer and feels much more in alignment with our heart and soul's callings.

Blessings, Lisa

The Questions


Yesterday's blog was about the beauty to be found when we dig deeper. When we stop skimming the surface of life and instead take our presence to a whole new level of being. When we do this we often find ourselves exploring and asking questions. These questions then bring abundant information, gifts and lessons to our soul. The open the door to our guides, our heart's longings, our inner truths and our life's essence.

When we explore who we are, why we are and what has brought us to where we are we gain valuable insight. We then can use this information to find our way, to let go of any patterns or behaviors that are keeping us from moving forward and it allows us to expand into our highest calling.

When we ask these questions we bring our willingness to explore our habits and patterns. We begin to understand our beliefs. We can challenge our motives and find our truth. When we ask these meaningful questions and take the time to pause and listen to the authentic answers that rise to the surface and we gain a clearer understanding of who we are. Then we are filled with the knowledge that can be used by us to shift, prune, release, embrace or just BE. We now have the tools to make our wisest decisions with. We now are able to check in with our soul, tap into its messages and combine these with our knowing of who we are and create new energies around this.

It is within these new energies that we are reborn. Everyday we have this beautiful opportunity. We are given the gift of being in the moment, fully present, reborn from any past and able to embrace what we are in; the here and now! When we access these deep resources of who we are we can step into our fullest self. These answers from our body, mind and soul bring our unique essence into vibrant energies that are essential to our authenticity. Possibilities become apparent. Balance can be found. Awareness is awakened. And we see the opportunity for fresh starts and larger thinking. Our potential becomes vibrantly alive.

Blessings, Lisa

The Artist Within The Chaos


There is a quote by Nietzsche that I so understand and appreciate, "One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star." I love finding the creative energies of thinking and living outside of the box. I love the challenges and newness that is found there. It is where I grow. There is an abundance of wonderful to be found there!

So much of our day is organized, scheduled and planned. We fall quickly into habits and patterns. Some that serve us, but some just because it is comfortable and familiar there. Sometimes these habits and patterns keep us from exploring and wondering. They can limit us from experiencing life fully.

Whenever I begin to feel a bit stuck or a bit disappointed in the way my life is flowing I stir up a bit of chaos. I begin to rid my life of aspects that no longer serve it. They may have made sense at one time, but when it is time to be rid of is time. I also begin to seek new and fresh perspectives. I have "what if" conversations with people whose opinion I value and with myself. This helps my mind stretch a bit and my soul dances through with its creative juices. The depth of my soul's resources goes beyond time. It reaches into a universal resource of opportunities and a vast scope of energy.  I challenge the many possibilities. I expand the simplest of idea and build upon it. I recall dreams and see them as reality.

When life becomes too routine, I order up a dose of chaos. I live outrageous dreams. I step outside of the normal habit or expected thought. I awaken my inner artist and bring new colors into the picture. I try out new theories and practices. Creativity blossoms within the chaos and a freshness gets added to my life.

Blessings, Lisa