The Questions


Yesterday's blog was about the beauty to be found when we dig deeper. When we stop skimming the surface of life and instead take our presence to a whole new level of being. When we do this we often find ourselves exploring and asking questions. These questions then bring abundant information, gifts and lessons to our soul. The open the door to our guides, our heart's longings, our inner truths and our life's essence.

When we explore who we are, why we are and what has brought us to where we are we gain valuable insight. We then can use this information to find our way, to let go of any patterns or behaviors that are keeping us from moving forward and it allows us to expand into our highest calling.

When we ask these questions we bring our willingness to explore our habits and patterns. We begin to understand our beliefs. We can challenge our motives and find our truth. When we ask these meaningful questions and take the time to pause and listen to the authentic answers that rise to the surface and we gain a clearer understanding of who we are. Then we are filled with the knowledge that can be used by us to shift, prune, release, embrace or just BE. We now have the tools to make our wisest decisions with. We now are able to check in with our soul, tap into its messages and combine these with our knowing of who we are and create new energies around this.

It is within these new energies that we are reborn. Everyday we have this beautiful opportunity. We are given the gift of being in the moment, fully present, reborn from any past and able to embrace what we are in; the here and now! When we access these deep resources of who we are we can step into our fullest self. These answers from our body, mind and soul bring our unique essence into vibrant energies that are essential to our authenticity. Possibilities become apparent. Balance can be found. Awareness is awakened. And we see the opportunity for fresh starts and larger thinking. Our potential becomes vibrantly alive.

Blessings, Lisa