To Remain Open

Remaining open to life lessons and insight is a beautiful essence and way of being to bring to your day. There is a freedom that is found within. Accepting that we do not need to have all the answers, all of the time, is something that creates room for expansion, growth, gifts and beauty.

Many people have a difficult time saying "I don't know." They will struggle, pretend, and grasp for an answer as if the admittance somehow makes them less than in the eyes of others. But the reality is, within this statement, there is a great truth that shows just how wise one truly is. Being honest and open to one's ignorance creates room for greatness to be shared, room for our soul to expand and grow, room for life experiences and more.

Let's face it, we are not all interested in the same thing. We do not spend time studying, learning, exploring and investigating the same topics. We can't! This creates beautiful opportunities within our relationships for introducing, for sharing and for expressing. When we admit that we do not know something we create an opportunity to learn, a chance for wonder, a moment of engagement and a time for interaction in being the receiver of information from a giver of knowledge. The art of expression blossoms.

When we create the room for not knowing, we are not showing our weakness. Instead, we are making room for greatness. It becomes an opportunity for a relationship to deepen, for someone's confidence to shine bright, and for our ego to become comfortable with the not being the ONE! Most people who have practiced this act are very comfortable and confident in their not knowing. Being an empty vessel creates beauty within.

It takes honesty, integrity, confidence and great authenticity to admit we do not know something, especially when there is an expectation from others that we do or "should" know it. Not only is it an opportunity to model to others that there is no shame in not knowing, but it also opens our being up to the magnitude of discovery and learning. It creates pause to be receptive, it generates inquiry and wonder, and it shows your genuine ability to be flexible and vulnerable. It is a time for curiosity to grow and possibilities to manifest!

Blessings, Lisa


After the Yes!

So you have said yes to the Universe! Congratulations. Let the fun unfold! Now you will find that all that crosses your path has meaning and impact on how you unfold, what you decide and how you engage. Now you will see things differently and from a amazing new perspective. The horizon of your life's path has forever changed.

Your "No" will be limited now, as it will only be used for boundary setting, preventing energy manipulation and in seeking balance. You will no longer say no to things you don't like or feel like dealing with, because the wisdom of your yes is ready to embrace the lessons. You no longer are allowing your fear to keep you small with your "No" of insecurity.

You are ready to converse with the Universe. You are ready to give your soul voice. You are engaged and present, singing, dancing, honoring and witnessing. Your "Yes" rings out among the stars, echos through the mountains, dives deep into the seas and fans the fires of the Gods.

Your "Yes" awakens your trust of self. It sits beside your authentic truth. Your "Yes" clearly states that you are willing to flex with, to learn about and to release what is needed. Your "Yes" requires you to step aside and move out of your way. Your "Yes" tells your ego to relax about the change, that change is inevitable and beautiful and alive.

Your "Yes" opens the doors to the energies that flow to you and through you. Yes means that your awareness will be heightened and brilliant. Yes means you are willing to make mistakes, to play and explore, to pause and rest and to go deep and wide. Your "Yes" will become a way of life for you and you will one day look back and find it difficult to remember any other way!

Blessings, Lisa

Keeping the Spark Alive

My connection to life has much to do with keeping my inner fire lit. The more "awake" I am the more connected I am to Source, to my soul and to others. I have learned over time that different activities that I do stoke this inner fire.

I am a learner. I love being taught new things that I can apply to the skills I use in my life. I love going deeper in my skills and knowledge and learning new ways to apply them. This learning brings newness to what becomes familiar and old. It also brings challenge so that I stretch.

Other benefits that I had not anticipated is that it brings new people into my life and my community expands. It also opens doors to possibilities I had not anticipated. Life gets richer and richer each time I step into the role of a learner.

I am good at doing. It comes naturally to me, so to balance that I seek things that give me opportunities to expand and grow. Learning sometimes means struggling a bit or even failing, but I always gain tremendous lessons from these moments.

Recently I signed up to be a student of one of the world's leaders in online cooking school programs. I am enrolled in their Professional Plant Based Program. I have been a vegetarian and vegan for over 20 years. I have used my passion around this and my belief in honoring the body temple to my work. Many of my offerings, such as SOUL Food and VegVitality incorporate this passion.

Taking this course will keep my fire alive! It will add to my current skill base, expand my community as I work with others in my class, introduce me to many Chefs that I have admired, and offer me possible teaching opportunities down the road as a graduate of the program.

This is just one example of what I do to stoke that fire within me. Challenging myself helps me be very present in this beautiful life. It encourages me to bring my best to each day and it keeps me in the energetic flow of my passions and my skills.

What are you doing to keep your spark alive?

Blessings, Lisa

Rising Above the Rules


Life is filled with rules. They surround us and our actions. From the time we are young we are taught the rules. We are expected to abide by them and to allow them to create safety and order in our life. To go against the rules is frowned upon and sometimes even punishable. Yes, there are some very necessary rules in life. They serve us well.

But, let's face it, there are times when we create so many rules in our life that we keep ourselves small, we box ourselves in, we create a false sense of safety from them. Knowing that these rules are our ego's attempt at bringing expected order to our life, to ensure we don't live too fully, expand to much, create with abandon or explore with adventurous delight. The ego of our being cannot handle that much fullness in our life. So we create rules.

Sometimes we need to rise above these self created rules. Perhaps there was a time they served us, but evaluation and reassessment is key to growth. There may be a time to put the rules aside. To question where did these rules come from? What were they protecting? Where they born of judgment or expectation?

Rules can kill spontaneity. Rules can deflate surprises. Rules can wash away our exuberance. All aspects of a full life. Are your rules wide and deep enough to allow these to be within you? Sometimes we have to push pause on our rules and take a good look around.

The soul thrives in the richness of life, in its beauty, in the everyday miracles and wonder. It is imperative that we make sure our rules support this. Possibilities make room for growth and discovery in life. Choices are important to our practice of balance. Bringing our authentic truth and soul's wisdom to the conversation of how our rules are serving us will bring clarity and awareness. From there we can make powerful decisions about our rules.

Blessings, Lisa