Do You Share?


We raise our children telling them that it is nice to share. Yet, when it comes to our gifts in adulthood, many turn to self preserving of their gifts instead of sharing them. Do you hoard your gifts and blessings, saving them for a day of need?

We worry about being deprived or being taken advantage of. But that truly has nothing to do with the willingness to share. Being taken advantage of has to do with not have strong boundaries and clear intentions. Fear of deprivation causes us to disengage and pull back.

Our soul does not flourish in that fear. It does not shine brightly when it is hiding or in isolation. We begin to feel even more fearful, alone and disconnected. Our inner flame grows smaller and smaller and our essence feels weaker.

When we hoard our gifts, whether they be of love, guidance, support, wisdom, insight, healing, energy or the like, we hold this belief that we will be richer for not spreading them too thin. Yet the truth is the more we share these the richer we and the world around us becomes.

Sharing our gifts, allowing them to ripple out, not only is how it is intended by Source for it to be, but it also is quite generative. The best way to increase the blessings within your life is to share. The surest way to feel abundance is to give. The wisest way to live is by offering freely.

Our soul will expand in its fullness as we embrace this truth. Others will see our model and join in with the sharing. The Universe will celebrate as the connection of this generosity spreads from heart to heart and soul to soul.

This act creates inspiration. It births energies that are creative in nature and responsive to need and necessity. This practice of sharing brings into play our deepest truth. It opens the door to a world where connection to others blesses our life. It sheds light onto the service we can bring to our path and it causes the vital force of the nature of our soul's harmony to align with that of others. What will you share with the world today?

Blessings, Lisa

The Unique of You


Society often is uncomfortable with those who do not conform. Conformity creates a sense of stability, order, and known expectation. Yet, if you were to ask anyone are we not all unique, don't we all bring our own personal gifts to this world, or are we not all beautiful individuals, we would get a resounding yes. So how do you thrive and shine within this paradox?

You have tremendous energies that have been passed onto you from your ancestors that shine brightly in your DNA and make you who you are. You carry archetypal vibrations that are as unique as your swirling fingerprints that are part of your beautiful and wondrous identity. And yet, you are encouraged again and again, from a very young age, to conform. You are told how things are, how they should be (if things have gotten out of order) and how you fit within it all. Everything from your looks, your roles, your living styles, or your beliefs are encouraged to fit within this definition of normal, acceptable, beautiful or correct.

But a dynamic force resides within you! It stokes your passions, it tickles your sense of wonder, it plays with your imagination and calls to you each day. This energy is uniquely yours and yours alone! It is the creative ingredient that you bring to everything. It is the powerful voice that you lend to conversations. It is the amazing special touch that you share with others. It is exactly what this world requires of you and longs for you to bring to the day. Your special one of a kind essence is what the Universe has been waiting for!

Conforming does not support this aspect of you. It does not encourage it to grow or expand. Following the standard just adds more of the same to what already exists. It keeps things constant, but it also keeps things from growing, evolving, spreading and reaching, from birthing and releasing....all things that the vibrancy of life needs. All things that you need to be your fullest self. Staying small, silent, and average does not bring your highest self to the forefront. There are times and places for that, most certainly, but it is important to not make that your norm. Find ways to stretch. Explore ways to share your voice. Encourage others to shine bright. Join forces with those who are ready to take on the adventure of newness and possibilities.

As more and more share the unique and amazing nuances of who they are, the more the levels of creative energies rise. Consciousness awakens and change occurs. Amazing acts of healing, teaching, beauty, giving and creating are waiting for your exclusive energy to step forward. Bring it on!

Blessings, Lisa



The Artist Within The Chaos


There is a quote by Nietzsche that I so understand and appreciate, "One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star." I love finding the creative energies of thinking and living outside of the box. I love the challenges and newness that is found there. It is where I grow. There is an abundance of wonderful to be found there!

So much of our day is organized, scheduled and planned. We fall quickly into habits and patterns. Some that serve us, but some just because it is comfortable and familiar there. Sometimes these habits and patterns keep us from exploring and wondering. They can limit us from experiencing life fully.

Whenever I begin to feel a bit stuck or a bit disappointed in the way my life is flowing I stir up a bit of chaos. I begin to rid my life of aspects that no longer serve it. They may have made sense at one time, but when it is time to be rid of is time. I also begin to seek new and fresh perspectives. I have "what if" conversations with people whose opinion I value and with myself. This helps my mind stretch a bit and my soul dances through with its creative juices. The depth of my soul's resources goes beyond time. It reaches into a universal resource of opportunities and a vast scope of energy.  I challenge the many possibilities. I expand the simplest of idea and build upon it. I recall dreams and see them as reality.

When life becomes too routine, I order up a dose of chaos. I live outrageous dreams. I step outside of the normal habit or expected thought. I awaken my inner artist and bring new colors into the picture. I try out new theories and practices. Creativity blossoms within the chaos and a freshness gets added to my life.

Blessings, Lisa

Transformation for the New Year


As the New Year approaches I find myself thinking, as I often do at this time of the year, of things I would like to transform in my life. I believe in miracles. I also believe in the power behind creative energies. And I know that when I combine these two aspects to ideas, situations, projects in my life...the results are often amazing!

Miracles are often found in the company of magic. Magic is found in the beauty that surrounds our days. Being aware, being open and flexible and being willing to explore options is a terrific recipe for creating what feels like a miracle in your life! Things begin to shift, people stop and take notice, others are drawn in to the beauty and wonder. Before you know it an ordinary has been transformed into an extraordinary!

Creative energies become more powerful when we remove our expectations and our boundaries. When we can envision a different color, explore a new format, be open to a fresh aspect the creative energies begin to bubble to the surface and pop with a vibrancy. They explode with possibilities. They shimmer with hope. And we begin to see new ways of being.

The most important aspect to all this transformation is a bit more practical. It takes commitment to be on the look out for these energies. It means being engaged in the fulfillment of our transformations. It means living in the moment so that our perceptions are awake to the change and our consciousness is aware of what to release and what to embrace. Life is continually in a process of letting go and creating newness. The more we engage in this relationship, the more we focus our energies into the gifts of transformation. Then the more our life is in tune with creative miracles and wondrous opportunities.

Blessings, Lisa