Do You Share?


We raise our children telling them that it is nice to share. Yet, when it comes to our gifts in adulthood, many turn to self preserving of their gifts instead of sharing them. Do you hoard your gifts and blessings, saving them for a day of need?

We worry about being deprived or being taken advantage of. But that truly has nothing to do with the willingness to share. Being taken advantage of has to do with not have strong boundaries and clear intentions. Fear of deprivation causes us to disengage and pull back.

Our soul does not flourish in that fear. It does not shine brightly when it is hiding or in isolation. We begin to feel even more fearful, alone and disconnected. Our inner flame grows smaller and smaller and our essence feels weaker.

When we hoard our gifts, whether they be of love, guidance, support, wisdom, insight, healing, energy or the like, we hold this belief that we will be richer for not spreading them too thin. Yet the truth is the more we share these the richer we and the world around us becomes.

Sharing our gifts, allowing them to ripple out, not only is how it is intended by Source for it to be, but it also is quite generative. The best way to increase the blessings within your life is to share. The surest way to feel abundance is to give. The wisest way to live is by offering freely.

Our soul will expand in its fullness as we embrace this truth. Others will see our model and join in with the sharing. The Universe will celebrate as the connection of this generosity spreads from heart to heart and soul to soul.

This act creates inspiration. It births energies that are creative in nature and responsive to need and necessity. This practice of sharing brings into play our deepest truth. It opens the door to a world where connection to others blesses our life. It sheds light onto the service we can bring to our path and it causes the vital force of the nature of our soul's harmony to align with that of others. What will you share with the world today?

Blessings, Lisa

Keeping the Fire Alive


Keeping our fire alive is a challenge at times depending on where we are on our life's path. We need to be able to appreciate the positives in our life and we need a commitment to put action in our life.

Holding and honoring what is good in our life keeps us out of story, out of the past and out of the future. It keeps us present. It also keeps us in a positive energetic vibration. It is hard to feel sorry for your self, to feel angry or to be in a place of blame or shame when we are in a state of appreciation. It works every time!

Bringing commitment into action has us pause and look about our life and ask, "What needs to be done?" It is a golden chance for reflection. It gives us time to listen to our soul's needs. It brings our authentic wisdom into our life's plan.

If we then bring this appreciation into the equation with the committed wise action we find that our energies are filled with abundance, forward thinking and positivity, instead of a coming from a place of lacking, regret and negativity. It also alleviates the struggle.

We are not approaching our life with an empty tank. We are not seeing our self as less than, broken, or in need. Instead we bring our soul's inspiration, our heart's passion, our mind's dreams. We bring along a rich and vibrant energy that is found in appreciation. Within this gratitude and admiration of what we have been blessed with we find an energy that sets into motion for us the next expansion to our day. It brings abundance of ideas, concepts, resources, and creativity.

Focus has much to do with our inner fire. What we focus our time and energies on is often what we get. A subtle shift in one's perspective, in one's appreciation and we then see the embers begin to come alive. We see our innate power at work. We find our true voice. We awaken our passions. And our fire burns bright.

Blessings, Lisa

Understand Your Intention


Do you understand your intention? The one you set today, this week, this month or even this year? Why are you seeking this intention? Why are you doing what you are doing? What is your motivation?

Usually we set an intention because of necessity or inspiration. Knowing this has much to do with how we approach our intentions and how we embrace them. We need to know the energy we are bringing to our intentions in order to become effective in manifesting them. Knowing if we are setting these intentions to be in service, to be better liked, or even for "selfish" reasons...the energy is very different for each reason. Whatever the reason. Now we have an understanding of our underlying motivation for this intention and how to approach it, what to bring to it, what to let go of that may get in its way. We now have a fuller understanding of the flow of this intention.

Also, knowing the motivation behind our intention gives us a broader understanding of our intention and our energies. When we know our motives we then can reflect upon where we are in the relationship between our soul and out intention. Are we in the way, creating the perfect block? Are we uncommitted? Have we not shown up? Or are we open, receptive, and attentive?

All this insight is an important part of the recipe of living mindfully, setting intentions and trusting. If we do not recognize or are not being honest with our motivations and energies between our intentions and our dreams we are not fully present to the unfolding. Showing up, being authentic and remaining flexible adds to the fluidity of the energies. It also incorporates our personal power in the equation. And when we do this we have a very different ownership of our intention.

It now breathes in our passion. It now dances with the music of our soul. It now inspires our actions. Our intention becomes alive to us; vibrant, awake, and resonating. Suddenly we become our intention!

Blessings, Lisa