The Unique of You


Society often is uncomfortable with those who do not conform. Conformity creates a sense of stability, order, and known expectation. Yet, if you were to ask anyone are we not all unique, don't we all bring our own personal gifts to this world, or are we not all beautiful individuals, we would get a resounding yes. So how do you thrive and shine within this paradox?

You have tremendous energies that have been passed onto you from your ancestors that shine brightly in your DNA and make you who you are. You carry archetypal vibrations that are as unique as your swirling fingerprints that are part of your beautiful and wondrous identity. And yet, you are encouraged again and again, from a very young age, to conform. You are told how things are, how they should be (if things have gotten out of order) and how you fit within it all. Everything from your looks, your roles, your living styles, or your beliefs are encouraged to fit within this definition of normal, acceptable, beautiful or correct.

But a dynamic force resides within you! It stokes your passions, it tickles your sense of wonder, it plays with your imagination and calls to you each day. This energy is uniquely yours and yours alone! It is the creative ingredient that you bring to everything. It is the powerful voice that you lend to conversations. It is the amazing special touch that you share with others. It is exactly what this world requires of you and longs for you to bring to the day. Your special one of a kind essence is what the Universe has been waiting for!

Conforming does not support this aspect of you. It does not encourage it to grow or expand. Following the standard just adds more of the same to what already exists. It keeps things constant, but it also keeps things from growing, evolving, spreading and reaching, from birthing and releasing....all things that the vibrancy of life needs. All things that you need to be your fullest self. Staying small, silent, and average does not bring your highest self to the forefront. There are times and places for that, most certainly, but it is important to not make that your norm. Find ways to stretch. Explore ways to share your voice. Encourage others to shine bright. Join forces with those who are ready to take on the adventure of newness and possibilities.

As more and more share the unique and amazing nuances of who they are, the more the levels of creative energies rise. Consciousness awakens and change occurs. Amazing acts of healing, teaching, beauty, giving and creating are waiting for your exclusive energy to step forward. Bring it on!

Blessings, Lisa