Transformation for the New Year


As the New Year approaches I find myself thinking, as I often do at this time of the year, of things I would like to transform in my life. I believe in miracles. I also believe in the power behind creative energies. And I know that when I combine these two aspects to ideas, situations, projects in my life...the results are often amazing!

Miracles are often found in the company of magic. Magic is found in the beauty that surrounds our days. Being aware, being open and flexible and being willing to explore options is a terrific recipe for creating what feels like a miracle in your life! Things begin to shift, people stop and take notice, others are drawn in to the beauty and wonder. Before you know it an ordinary has been transformed into an extraordinary!

Creative energies become more powerful when we remove our expectations and our boundaries. When we can envision a different color, explore a new format, be open to a fresh aspect the creative energies begin to bubble to the surface and pop with a vibrancy. They explode with possibilities. They shimmer with hope. And we begin to see new ways of being.

The most important aspect to all this transformation is a bit more practical. It takes commitment to be on the look out for these energies. It means being engaged in the fulfillment of our transformations. It means living in the moment so that our perceptions are awake to the change and our consciousness is aware of what to release and what to embrace. Life is continually in a process of letting go and creating newness. The more we engage in this relationship, the more we focus our energies into the gifts of transformation. Then the more our life is in tune with creative miracles and wondrous opportunities.

Blessings, Lisa