The Love of Self


For many, the criticism and comments that are said in their minds to themselves would never escape their lips and be spoken of someone else. The inner critic has a sharp tongue. It cuts one off at the knees, it draws blood, it keeps long hours and it is the ultimate opportunist. If someone spoke to them the way they speak to themselves, they would leave the relationship. And yet, the inner dialogue continues. It does not like to let up and always knows the best time to strike, or perhaps that is the worst time.

The inner critic has the poorest opinion of you and you allow it. You allow the power of your thoughts to create these inner conversations and they influence your personal view of your body, your life, your choices and more. Your soul shrinks from its touch, your heart aches, your mind stirs with more negativity and your life suffers. You accept mediocrity.

The only way one can interrupt this cycle is to begin with small acts of kindness and self-love. Simple steps taken will eventually lead to major gains made. Start with a simple kind mantra that you can repeat throughout the day. Or perhaps a gentle cup of tea and some quiet time to think positive thoughts about yourself.

Keep a gratitude journal or a blessing jar. Make note of what you are grateful for in your life day by day or the blessings that shower upon you. With time your perspective begins to shift and the focus is far less on the negative and more on the positive. Life becomes a bit brighter. Finding beauty becomes easier. Embracing a bit of self-love is welcomed.

The only way one can find the love of self is by seeking it and welcoming it. There are enough voices and images, messages and lies as well as slogans and opinions that bombard our day that try to detract us from our love of self. We need to be committed to this act of self. It becomes a choice we make each and every day, but a very worthwhile one. With time, this self-love radiates out to those around us. We model it, we share it and we spread it. Love's energy is contagious and very effective. And it is cyclical. The beauty of loving self is that it vibrates out the the world around us and then opens us up to receive more back. What a wondrous and beautiful thing! All for the love of self.

Blessings, Lisa


The Work In Making A Decision


I was once told there are no bad decisions, just poor actions. Staying in a place of contemplation for too long keeps me in a place of stuck. I know enough to take a peek around the corner and see what fears are lurking that I am not facing. I know enough that my story can get wrapped up in this process if I do not stay true and open, authentic and alert to what my soul is telling me and how it is guiding me.

Life is filled with decisions for us all. Sometimes we feel we have no choice, but we always do. Sometimes we feel stuck, but we are keeping us in that place, not the situation. Sometimes we need to walk away, get a fresh perspective, spend some of our pent up energies and allow the flow to find its way out and around.

Bottom line is I know the pattern at hand when I am feeling like this. Most decisions I face are made without struggle and with confidence. But this one area that I am facing is the one that causes this pattern to resurface. So the work continues. I look inward. I do my soul-work and give myself the space and time needed to lean into that, be fully present in it and listen closely to the truth that surfaces.  What still needs to be faced? What needs to be released? How can I gain a fresh perspective? What can I accept healing grace in?

That is really the decision to be made. That is really the dilemma. And so I continue in my growth and evolution. It is part of life. It is what makes it so beautiful and alive. It is not always easy. It is not always clear and obvious. But once you cannot unknow. I want to be full. I want to be aware. I want to be present. The only way I know to do this, is to keep moving on, to keep self-loving, and to be honest and accepting.

The decisions I am facing will get made. And they will be the right decisions. Why? Because I know I am not willing to sit in a place of making poor actions. I am willing to challenge the old beliefs. I am willing to take chances. I am willing to change the way I do things and think about things. This is how I have been able to rise above so many other obstacles in the past. Onward!

Blessings, Lisa

Go For It


Breaking news: Seeking happiness does not mean you are being selfish! You have a right to be happy. You deserve to be happy. The Universe responds to this happiness.

When we are happy there is a tremendous shift in our energies. We are vibrant. We are more alive and alert. We take on challenges with optimism. We are more flexible. We seek possibilities. When we are happy we relate to others differently. Happiness creates happiness. It is as though it is contagious.

Makes sense, doesn't it? If we are in a state of happiness we then bring our vitality into the world. Our service to others is affected. We are more loving and generous. We bring our best self to the moment. Life is very different when we are happy than when we are not.

So knowing this, it obviously is important to then know what makes us happy. Joseph Campbell is quoted as saying, "Follow your bliss." What is your bliss? Do you even know? I have found that for some this is a difficult question to answer. They are quick to answer what makes them unhappy. But what brings you joy; what activities, what people, or what beliefs? How can you live your joy?

When we follow our bliss we bring into our lives things that make us naturally grow and evolve. We seek things that inspire us. Happiness impacts our spiritual growth as our soul shines brightly and we learn to trust our intuition and seek our truth. Happiness encourages us to care for our body and its needs so that we are healthy and empowered. Joy has the strength to bring positive thinking into our minds and quells the negative stories and self-talk.

Take on the challenge today and find something that brings you happiness. Explore it, be with it and celebrate it. Pay attention to the impact it has on you; body, mind and soul. Your day will be brighter for it.

Blessings, Lisa


The Voice of Self-Love


If we spoke to our friends the way we thought-speak to ourselves, we would have very few friends. The things that we say to ourselves in our minds are often the harshest words. There is criticism, judgement, frustration, taunts, shame and more. And these thoughts NEVER make us feel better or improve the situation that we are in. Yet, we find it so challenging to shut down these thoughts. We find we expect them. We find we even agree with them. And for some of us, we are so bold, that we even say them out loud about ourselves, seeking affirmation from the world around us!

Many of us have very vocal inner critics. They comment and critique all our efforts. They keep us small. They keep us surrounded by our mediocrity. They prevent us from living the amazing life that calls to us, keeping us in longing, doubt, fear and insecurity.

Unfortunately, self-love is challenging for many. Old wounds, old stories, old labels seem to cling to them. To shake off these negative energies takes a good amount of conscious thinking and commitment to stop the negative thinking. For some, they are not sure how, or they try and find it difficult and then give in to the old patterns and behaviors.

Over time I have discovered one way to help support this change in negative self-talk. It rarely fails. It requires some effort, but it is a feel good effort. It requires some commitment, but those who try it find that the commitment comes naturally. This one change can be the catalyst to transformation in your life. It can be the first step in lowering the volume on the inner critic and eventually shutting it out all together.

What is the secret? Most of us enjoy doing or giving to others. We find great pleasure in helping someone in need, sharing with someone, supporting those who need some assistance and giving of our heart. When we are doing this, our positive energies flow. We feel better about ourselves and the world around us. We are engaged with the essence of love and beauty of the world.

Giving of ourselves keeps us in the moment. It reminds us of all that we have to be grateful for. It opens our heart to the care and needs of others. To do this we naturally open the door that allows love to flow. Love does not discriminate. It is more than willing to flow through and surround us and anyone else we share it with. With time we begin to view life differently. With time our perspective begins to shift. Love has a way of doing this. We begin to see our faults and shortcomings through a lens of compassion and understanding. The same compassion and understanding that we are sharing with others.

Step one of shutting down the inner critic is to share acts of love and care with others. Follow your passion. Stay connected with the world and people around you. Share your gifts, your understanding and heart. Find ways to give. Choose a cause to support. As you open the door to love wider and wider you will find that there is also love flowing to you. Embrace it. Be with it and be aware that there is more than enough love to go around. Without much more effort than this, you will find that those nagging negative thoughts of shame and blame will become less and less. You will begin to hear a gentler and kinder voice calling to you, cheering you on and celebrating you. The voice of self-love.

Blessings, Lisa