The Sacred Ritual

As a ritualist I often will turn to my practice to bring alignment to my needs with my hopes, to highlight intention in my actions, or to shed awareness to my words. Doing so establishes an honor to my efforts and an energy to them as well.

Rituals can be found in many spiritual books and websites. My most favorite and often most effective are those though that come from my own being as they have my breath in them, my heart and passion and my longings and awareness. Some rituals have many layers to them and can be quite deep in process and ceremony, while others gain tremendous power from their simplicity.

Rituals can be done to honor seasonal intentions, life's rites of passage, healing opportunities and more. They can be done at specific times of the day, phases of the moon or during significant life stages. I think that rituals can be as unique and splendid as the person acting upon them.

For some, the word ritual creates a snag, yet we are surrounded by them in our day to day lives. Many have rituals that they perform around the holidays, for example. Take the kissing beneath the mistletoe or the breaking of a turkey's wishbone, these are rituals. Rituals can be done at life events such as the tossing of the bride's bouquet at a wedding or the showering of a mother to be at a baby shower. Rituals also can be quite sacred and based on a person's spiritual practice, such as the various rituals we perform at the time of a loved one's death.

The next time you are facing a major life event, try creating a ritual that can honor this passage. Bring to the ritual specific intentions, honor from where you have come and to where you are going on your life's path, or choose symbolism that helps embody the essence of this time for you.

Perhaps a ritual can be created to honor an intention you are setting for yourself. Where do you want to focus your energies? Are there colors that, for you, create powerful meaning about this? If so use them. Is there an action that you can do that embodies this intention that you can incorporate into your ritual?

Bringing your creative self to your ritual planning allows you to incorporate so many different things that can have great meaning to you; music, family artifacts, images, colors, flowers, crystals, food and more.

Bring your playful soul out and allow it to dance with the sacredness of your ritual. See what comes to mind, what awakens and what longs to be honored. Whether it be small and private or more festive and community based is up to you, but the sacred act of bringing ritual to your practice can create a tremendous amount of power, healing, beauty and celebration to your moment of recognition. It will most certainly create a memory making event out of it so that you can often recall the intent of the moment, the special role it played in your life and the way in which your brought your soul's energies to your spiritual practice and life event.

Blessings, Lisa

Embracing the Grounding in Your Life

How do you keep yourself from getting caught up in the chaos of life? How do you keep grounded? What do you do to not let the frazzled energies creep into your own vibrations? How do stay true to you, your choices, your vision and your truth?

Over time I have learned that there are definite ways that I keep myself grounded. It has taken consciousness and awareness. But it is also so aligning to what I want and hope for that the choices become easier and easier to make as my life shifts more and more toward what I want and need.

Living simply is step one. I choose to not get caught up in the drama of the frantic life. I purposefully slow down, create pause in my life, and make time for simple pleasures. I invest in relationships that support this lifestyle.

I embrace my soul and all its messages. I lean into my personal soul growth, looking for ways to expand and learn. I listen closely to the messages and lessons. I take an active role in my spiritual development.

I give back. I find sharing with others helps keep me grounded. Rippling out the energies of love, the act of giving, the sharing of life brings a beautiful balance to my days.

I censor what I take in. I often go on news fasts, I rarely watch movies, I am selective about what I read and what I listen to. I pay as close attention to what I feed my mind as to what I feed my body.

I no longer look at struggles as problems. I embrace challenges, knowing that these are opportunities for me to grow, become more of my truest self and to learn so much about what life has to offer me.

I also am an active member of my community. Many of the members of my tribe are like family to me. My heart is invested in our relationship. I seek to offer my support and lean into them when I need their guidance or celebration. Having a solid network of people in one's life adds a richness to each life experience.

Everyday I seek the beauty of my life. It is a shift in perspective that makes a difference in the way that one views life. There is beauty in everything around us, we just often do not take the time to notice it, to appreciate it or to celebrate it. Slowly with time we become blind to it. Within this beauty are the everyday miracles that surround us.

Finally, I find grounding energies to tap into when I seek the silence in my life. Stillness and pause are a vital part of my day. Without them I cannot recharge, I drain, I make poor choices and I am not my brightest self. Silence and stillness are now a part of each and every day for me. Some days, it is only a few minutes, but quite intention filled. And then there are the other days where I consciously choose to set aside a date with myself in glorious stillness, quiet breath of nature and little to no outside interference.

My life is fuller and richer these days. I am not scattered or overwhelmed. I rarely find myself feeling at a loss or shutdown. These simple steps of awareness and focus have brought a grounding to my days. Within this energy I find vibrancy. I find grace. I sit with peace and contentment. I see beauty around me.

Blessings, Lisa

Finding Presence in Solitude


A day to myself! A rare thing in my life, but so valued. My husband and youngest son went to ski with our oldest son three hours from home. A full day to myself! What a treasure! What a treat! What to do?

I spent the morning preparing for a visit from a mentee later this week. She will be flying in from Hawaii and staying for a several days. We have so many delightful plans. I organized, gathered, grouped and prepared. I took great delight in making the space she will call home while here filled with beauty and comfort. I cleaned and primped the space. Washing the warmest of flannel sheets for her, knowing the New England temperature will feel fierce to her heat loving body. I set out candles and crystals to call in positive energies and peaceful moments. I gathered books to share, items to discuss, and mapped out activities we are so looking forward to doing together. The morning was quickly over as I delighted in my arrangements made for her visit. There was wondrous anticipation present in the joyful planning.

After a quiet lunch and a pot of Dragon's Well tea I read. Three whole uninterrupted chapters! I got lost in the pages, took notes, paused and re-read paragraphs and enjoyed the author's voice and vision. I then turned to my journal to capture my thoughts on what I had read and what inspirations were created. Curled up under an afghan with a cat sleeping on my feet, we both purred the early afternoon away. I felt connected to my soulful presence and my thoughts.

Later in the day I caught up on email and friend's messages. I looked up a few recipes for my mentee's visit. I then took stock of ingredients I had on hand and those I would need. I shared an hour long call with one of my daughters, exchanging thoughts about this and that and lots of laughter in between, missing her presence but feeling her essence through the phone lines.

As the quiet of the late afternoon descended I went into sacred space. It was there that I brought my presence and attention to next. I reflected deeply upon the past year and all its unfoldings. I looked inward to the ways in which I have expanded. I remembered the release of so many different aspects, beliefs and ways that were not serving me and realized that they were no longer missed. I appreciated those who are in my life, sharing of themselves, adding to my days, celebrating with me, challenging me, inspiring me and witnessing me and my work. I offered gratitude to the many ways in which Source allows me to connect, shows me light in the darkness, offers moments of encouragement and calls me further and deeper still. I wondered at the many possibilities that I have been exploring and felt a deep peace settle within me as I realized, whatever direction I choose, I will receive what I need from it, I will learn and grow in it and I will find beauty there as well.

After a simple dinner and a quick phone call from the men telling me they were heading home after a full day of skiing and male bonding, I found more presence. I sat looking out into the night sky. The full moon of yesterday, just a sliver shy. The gray sky of the day now filled with stars. The snow seeming to glow from the moonlight, with shadows of bare branched trees stretching over it. My heart and soul overflowing with the day's gifts and gentleness.

A day of solitude, full, varied and all mine. I brought my presence to each part of the day, finding in the layers much for me to honor. The abundance found, the gifts, the wonder, the reflections and the pause all swaddled me in a comfort much needed. It is a gentle reminder to me that days like today are a special necessity. Bringing presence in all its beautiful forms to my life allows me to step into the wholeness of my life and to feel my evolving truth in all its places.

Blessings, Lisa

Honor Your Body Temple


How do you honor your body? Do you treat it like the temple that it is? Do you appreciate its curves, its power, its softness, its flexibility or its vulnerabilty? Do you compare it and contrast it against other bodies? Do you cherish its uniqueness and how it serves you?

Bodies come in all shapes and sizes and yet we hold to a standard set by society that only a small percentage can fit within. What does that mean to the rest of the bodies? That they fall short, have less value, should not be loved, or appreciated? Hardly!

Each body is a temple! Your body longs to share its gifts with you. The better your relationship with your body, the better the conversation! Every day messages are shared by your body ... are you listening? It will tell you what it needs. It will celebrate with you. It will challenge you. It will offer encouragement. It will state when it needs rest, fuel, movement, or a change. The better you develop your listening skills with your body, the better you will be able to honor it for all it offers you.

In our busy lives we often put our bodies last. Work, commitments, children, partners, and more comes first. Yet, it is undeniable that the better we tend to our own needs the better we can serve others. An important fact not meant to be ignored.

Your body is a sacred gift to be honored and valued in this lifetime. The more you take it for granted, the more likely you will miss important messages. The more you abuse it, the more likely it will suffer. And the more you understand it, accept it, adore it, the more likely you will find it helps you feel powerful, shine brightly, serve others better and live healthier.

Oh, the conversation about loving our bodies has been shared around the world. But the biggest piece of this whole conversation is how to stop the madness that serves as the bookends around this discussion. This madness is created by industries that want you to feel you will never be good enough, thin enough, curvy enough, busty enough, blonde enough, young enough...because you won't by their standards! None of us will. It is time to remove these voices and images from our conversation and begin honoring our body temple. They are only there to make their money and to suck you into the black hole of dissatisfaction, dishonor and comparison of your body. Instead, let's discuss how we can share a conversation about how we can celebrate our bodies, see the beauty of each other, how to empower with our words, images and thoughts, how we can see the beauty in ALL bodies. Regardless of our shape, our size, our measurement, our number on the label or the scale...regardless of our cup size, our hair color, the shape of our eyes, the length of our nails....regardless of all this and more let's have the conversation that will exclude no one from recognizing that they are beautiful in every way that they are!

To take part in this conversation join Robin Rice and I as we challenge the standards, initiate these types of discussions, celebrate all bodies and honor the body temple at the Awesome Woman Hub in a year of Celebrating Women & The Body Beautiful.

Blessings, Lisa