Food for the Soul

I often notice that whenever someone I care about is suffering self-care has fallen by the wayside. I notice that getting a good night's sleep, some kind of exercise or body movement, making healthy choices in food and doing something that they enjoy and brings them pleasure are not even considered. I also notice that these are the very same things that people lose sight of when they become too busy.

We live in a society that is success driven. We are often seeking happiness. Almost any conversation can lead to beauty or health. And yet, we don't seem to understand the connection, or perhaps it is the disconnect, of nurturing the body, mind and soul.

Years ago, I had a professor who shared with me his belief that in order for someone to truly feel whole, to experience well being and to obtain happiness they needed to tend to the needs of the body, mind and the soul, not just one or two, but all three together. Leaving any one of these unattended would prevent fulfillment and one would always feel something was lacking.

You don't have to look to far to find ways to nurture your body. There are plenty of resources that will enlighten you to what your body needs to obtain the just right weight, activity and rest. Additionally, there are so many options one can chose to help bring rest to the mind, positivity to the thoughts, challenges to expand and keep alive the brain and distraction to relieve stressful thoughts.

But often we struggle with finding what it is we need to feed our soul. What satisfies it? What delights it? What gives it pause to rest? How do we engage with it on a daily basis and tend to its needs? For each of us there are different answers to these questions. But, just asking the questions is part of the honoring. Be assured the answers will come in time.

There are some "tools" that I have found that help me uncover my soul's needs. Nature is the perfect environment. There is something about taking a hike or sitting beneath a tree or swinging in a hammock that unlocks the door the conversation with the Universe. Here I am able to entertain the ideas that bubble up of what I need or long for, what delights me and how can I find ways to invite this into my day.

Writing in a journal often gives my soul voice. Slowly the words come together to explore the possibilities of what I could do with my free time or what my spiritual practice desires. Within the lines of my journal I begin to see a pattern forming and the solution to my situation presents itself and I am able to manifest something of value.

Taking the time to nurture our soul is as equally important as the time we spend taking care of our body's needs and our mind's thoughts. This time spent will enrich our day and our spiritual practice. It will help us feel more and more whole, happy and full. The balance becomes complete and the world responds in kind with more and more possibilities for us to embrace to maintain our well being.

Blessings, Lisa

Are You Listening to Your Body?


You receive many message throughout the day, some obvious, some subliminal. Some come from outside of yourself through media, friends, conversations, nature, Source. But one particular source that not everyone is accustomed to listening to is your body and the messages it is trying to send to you.

Your body will always tell you the truth. It may not always make sense to you. It may not always be what you want to hear. It often is not a loud broadcast, but it will be persistent. You cannot control the messages your body sends you, but you can ignore it. Or you can engage with in this conversation and listen.

Your body is a very wise source. It knows you better than you think you do! Many times seeking the messages from your body when you are going to make a choice or decision is not something that you do. But imagine this; there is a choice to make about whether to accept a new job offer. It will mean a change in your sleep cycle, your social life, your family connections and your eating patterns. It will also increase your finances and your responsibility load. You may consult your friends for their opinion, you may consult a coworker, you may consult resources or others in your field, you may pray, meditate or journey on it, but do you consult your body as well?

Imagine what your body would say? This conversation could go in many different directions, but to be sure if you honestly listen your body will have an opinion on how this choice will impact it, perhaps for the better or perhaps not. But given that you are in relation with your body every minute of every day, shouldn't it be one of the main sources that you consult?

Another way your body communicates to you may not be so topic specific as above. Instead it will send you message through its responses and reactions. Perhaps you are deciding about whether to move across the country. Whenever you think about this choice your body is speaking up. You just need to pay attention.

Does your body feel relaxed when you consider this? How is your breathing? Your heart rate? Do you feel inspiration, delight and enthusiasm or dread, fear and confusion? You see what I mean, your body is speaking to you, all you need to do is listen. Now, that is not to say that only your body has a voice in the decision making. But shouldn't it be considered?

You body is tremendous resource of inner wisdom and guidance. It stores your life experience. It is the temple for your connection to Source. It knows what it needs and will attempt to convey that to you. So, are you listening to your body?

Blessings, Lisa

Honor Your Body Temple


How do you honor your body? Do you treat it like the temple that it is? Do you appreciate its curves, its power, its softness, its flexibility or its vulnerabilty? Do you compare it and contrast it against other bodies? Do you cherish its uniqueness and how it serves you?

Bodies come in all shapes and sizes and yet we hold to a standard set by society that only a small percentage can fit within. What does that mean to the rest of the bodies? That they fall short, have less value, should not be loved, or appreciated? Hardly!

Each body is a temple! Your body longs to share its gifts with you. The better your relationship with your body, the better the conversation! Every day messages are shared by your body ... are you listening? It will tell you what it needs. It will celebrate with you. It will challenge you. It will offer encouragement. It will state when it needs rest, fuel, movement, or a change. The better you develop your listening skills with your body, the better you will be able to honor it for all it offers you.

In our busy lives we often put our bodies last. Work, commitments, children, partners, and more comes first. Yet, it is undeniable that the better we tend to our own needs the better we can serve others. An important fact not meant to be ignored.

Your body is a sacred gift to be honored and valued in this lifetime. The more you take it for granted, the more likely you will miss important messages. The more you abuse it, the more likely it will suffer. And the more you understand it, accept it, adore it, the more likely you will find it helps you feel powerful, shine brightly, serve others better and live healthier.

Oh, the conversation about loving our bodies has been shared around the world. But the biggest piece of this whole conversation is how to stop the madness that serves as the bookends around this discussion. This madness is created by industries that want you to feel you will never be good enough, thin enough, curvy enough, busty enough, blonde enough, young enough...because you won't by their standards! None of us will. It is time to remove these voices and images from our conversation and begin honoring our body temple. They are only there to make their money and to suck you into the black hole of dissatisfaction, dishonor and comparison of your body. Instead, let's discuss how we can share a conversation about how we can celebrate our bodies, see the beauty of each other, how to empower with our words, images and thoughts, how we can see the beauty in ALL bodies. Regardless of our shape, our size, our measurement, our number on the label or the scale...regardless of our cup size, our hair color, the shape of our eyes, the length of our nails....regardless of all this and more let's have the conversation that will exclude no one from recognizing that they are beautiful in every way that they are!

To take part in this conversation join Robin Rice and I as we challenge the standards, initiate these types of discussions, celebrate all bodies and honor the body temple at the Awesome Woman Hub in a year of Celebrating Women & The Body Beautiful.

Blessings, Lisa