Within the Simplicity Greatness Is Found

I have long done a simple act that keeps me connected on a very conscious level with the energies of those around me. In a recent conversation with a client I was reminded that many do not have this interconnectedness in their lives.

Each day I spend a few moments recognizing both in my heart and mind those that I am connected to daily, face to face. I picture in my mind's eye family and friends, pets and local animals that visit my life, all those who cross my path regularly. Then I picture those who I have in my life daily that I do not see face to face, but certainly interact with regularly. All my friends on social media, relatives and friends that live at a distance, teachers and mentors, students and clients. To this I then recall those who I interact with that no longer live in this realm. I often will converse in my heart and soul with loved ones who have crossed over, to my spirit guides and angels, my guardians and soul friends. From here I go to all those who I do not personally know, but certainly am connected to. I recall the farmers who have grown the food I honor my body with, the artisans who have created treasures in my home that I cherish, the authors of books that I love, and the potter who crafted the tea cup I drink from daily. Each connection adding energies and gifts to my life.

From here I extend my connections even further. Out to the beautiful sun that shines upon the plants that produce my food, the rain, the wind, the rich soil. I connect to the energies of the Universe that cradles this wondrous Earth and so on.

In a mere few minutes each day this simple act of weaving my thoughts and energies together with the energies and offerings of all the touches my life brings a tremendous acknowledgement of the interconnectedness my life has with others. As I breathe this in a beautiful flow of gratitude envelopes me. My heart expands with a love of life and others. My soul sings in the rich resource of all this beauty, vibrancy and wonder.

It takes a mere few minutes, a cup of tea, a stroll around the yard, or a few moments standing at the stove stirring the pot of soup I am preparing for dinner. I send out with each breath gratitude. I breathe in all the vibrations of connection that are present. Prayers of well being form in my mind and travel through my soul. And in this gentleness I find simple abundance. For within this simple act so much greatness is found!

Blessings, Lisa

Embracing the Grounding in Your Life

How do you keep yourself from getting caught up in the chaos of life? How do you keep grounded? What do you do to not let the frazzled energies creep into your own vibrations? How do stay true to you, your choices, your vision and your truth?

Over time I have learned that there are definite ways that I keep myself grounded. It has taken consciousness and awareness. But it is also so aligning to what I want and hope for that the choices become easier and easier to make as my life shifts more and more toward what I want and need.

Living simply is step one. I choose to not get caught up in the drama of the frantic life. I purposefully slow down, create pause in my life, and make time for simple pleasures. I invest in relationships that support this lifestyle.

I embrace my soul and all its messages. I lean into my personal soul growth, looking for ways to expand and learn. I listen closely to the messages and lessons. I take an active role in my spiritual development.

I give back. I find sharing with others helps keep me grounded. Rippling out the energies of love, the act of giving, the sharing of life brings a beautiful balance to my days.

I censor what I take in. I often go on news fasts, I rarely watch movies, I am selective about what I read and what I listen to. I pay as close attention to what I feed my mind as to what I feed my body.

I no longer look at struggles as problems. I embrace challenges, knowing that these are opportunities for me to grow, become more of my truest self and to learn so much about what life has to offer me.

I also am an active member of my community. Many of the members of my tribe are like family to me. My heart is invested in our relationship. I seek to offer my support and lean into them when I need their guidance or celebration. Having a solid network of people in one's life adds a richness to each life experience.

Everyday I seek the beauty of my life. It is a shift in perspective that makes a difference in the way that one views life. There is beauty in everything around us, we just often do not take the time to notice it, to appreciate it or to celebrate it. Slowly with time we become blind to it. Within this beauty are the everyday miracles that surround us.

Finally, I find grounding energies to tap into when I seek the silence in my life. Stillness and pause are a vital part of my day. Without them I cannot recharge, I drain, I make poor choices and I am not my brightest self. Silence and stillness are now a part of each and every day for me. Some days, it is only a few minutes, but quite intention filled. And then there are the other days where I consciously choose to set aside a date with myself in glorious stillness, quiet breath of nature and little to no outside interference.

My life is fuller and richer these days. I am not scattered or overwhelmed. I rarely find myself feeling at a loss or shutdown. These simple steps of awareness and focus have brought a grounding to my days. Within this energy I find vibrancy. I find grace. I sit with peace and contentment. I see beauty around me.

Blessings, Lisa

The Simple Touches of Beauty


The beauty industry and media and advertising world want us to believe that we need their assistance somehow in uncovering or discovering our beauty; money needs to be spent, certain actions must be made, trainers and coaches sought, gadgets bought, supplements taken, injections given, creams applied and so on. Yet, beauty is most often found in simplicity.

The simple touches of beauty surround us. They are found in the laughter you share with family and friends. The exist in the compassion you bring to  your community. It twinkles in your eyes when you gaze upon a loved one. It is felt in your embrace. It is imparted in your praise. It is received in your thanks.

Beauty, true beauty, cannot be packaged or sold. It is something that lives within our essence. It grows brighter and becomes more expansive with our positive energies. It becomes alive the more we share it and embody it. Our beauty is unique to us and that in itself makes it even more stunning and attractive.

We need to do what we love, dress in what makes us feel amazing, dance to the songs that get us jazzed up, wear make up if it delights us, AND always be true to who we are! We can't be fooled into thinking that someone else knows what makes up our beauty. We ARE our beauty!

So many of the gifts in life come within the simple wonders and moments. We don't need to over complicate our beauty. Learning to embody our strengths, to celebrate our vulnerabilities, to honor our talents, to share our gifts...then our beauty shines through. Remembering who we are and embracing what we bring to the moment is the most effective way to show others our true beauty.

Blessings, Lisa