The Simple Touches of Beauty


The beauty industry and media and advertising world want us to believe that we need their assistance somehow in uncovering or discovering our beauty; money needs to be spent, certain actions must be made, trainers and coaches sought, gadgets bought, supplements taken, injections given, creams applied and so on. Yet, beauty is most often found in simplicity.

The simple touches of beauty surround us. They are found in the laughter you share with family and friends. The exist in the compassion you bring to  your community. It twinkles in your eyes when you gaze upon a loved one. It is felt in your embrace. It is imparted in your praise. It is received in your thanks.

Beauty, true beauty, cannot be packaged or sold. It is something that lives within our essence. It grows brighter and becomes more expansive with our positive energies. It becomes alive the more we share it and embody it. Our beauty is unique to us and that in itself makes it even more stunning and attractive.

We need to do what we love, dress in what makes us feel amazing, dance to the songs that get us jazzed up, wear make up if it delights us, AND always be true to who we are! We can't be fooled into thinking that someone else knows what makes up our beauty. We ARE our beauty!

So many of the gifts in life come within the simple wonders and moments. We don't need to over complicate our beauty. Learning to embody our strengths, to celebrate our vulnerabilities, to honor our talents, to share our gifts...then our beauty shines through. Remembering who we are and embracing what we bring to the moment is the most effective way to show others our true beauty.

Blessings, Lisa