Do You Remember?

Do you remember who you really are? Not the labels that your family has placed upon you. Not the roles you fall into with your peers and friends. Not the person you wish you could be or weren't. Do you remember who you really are?

Let me help you. Get quiet, get still. Breathe in the memory of a time when you felt immensely connected to the space, the time, the people around you. You felt authentic. You felt whole. You felt peace, grace, joy. You felt free. You could just be. You were awake. You were vibrant. You were hungry and satisfied. You were knowing and inquisitive. You were giving and receiving.

You soul was in the forefront of the moment. You were not allowing your emotions to lead you. You were not lost in your thoughts. You were present and engaged. You knew who you were. You recognized your truth. You embraced your gifts. You used your voice. You were at ease with your silence. You moved with intention and you flowed with integrity. You remembered.

When we remember who we are we find that many things are aligning in our life. Our spiritual path is leading us to personal connections that bring wonder to our days. Our soul encourages us to practice compassion and patience. It invites us to embrace gratitude and appreciation. We explore and find miracles. We rest and find grace.

The Universe will continue to give us clues as to who we truly are. It will afford us opportunities to step fully into our authenticity. It will grant us all the possibilities of what can be. We simply need to show up, be open and remain connected. Connection to Source, to one another and to life becomes the life line to who we truly are. It provides us the the means to remember our purpose and to follow our call. Our soul's work becomes our breath throughout each moment of the day.

Blessings, Lisa

Within the Deep

There is a remembrance that my soul holds onto with a fierceness unlike any I have known before. It grasps the essence tightly in a hold that is made of steel and forged with my passion's fire. It is a memory that lives deep within me. It resides so deep that the everyday forces of living this human life cannot even reach it. My ego knows not the map to find it. It has safely found the cave of my authenticity and truth.

This deep soul memory was born in the life time of my ancestors. It was carved from the lava that flows through my veins and down into the roots of the Mother. This deep authentic tale is woven in the strands of my DNA and also courses through the scattered stardust of the galaxies.

This river of remembrance cascades through me and carries with it the energies that have been passed on to my soul by the guides, the angels, the spirits of my story. My mythic heroine stands at the shore calling me onward.

My soul whispers in my dreams these memories and the images come to life for me to engage with in the realms of my strengths and the worlds of my powers. The beauty of their magic unfurls in the wind of my soul and releases the perfumed essence of the deep unforgotten scent of my life force; the very breath of my dragons and the smokey ash of my fires.

Within the deep recesses of who I am lives the call of who I am and I steep myself within its juices daily. I take long languid sips and fill my soul's belly with its nourishing tonic. It is here in the deep that I find all that I truly need and I bring it up to the surface, into the light of this lifetime and live it to fullness, with abandon and great acceptance of all the potential it offers.

Blessings, Lisa



The Importance of Gifting Free Time


Let's face it, life is often incredibly busy. Our 'to do" list is quite long, complicated and exhausting. And it feels like almost everyday something unexpected gets added to it. We are scheduled in from the moment our eyes open until we drag our tired body off to bed at night. Often, we become so accustomed to this way of being that we forget the beauty and necessity of free time.

But is this really the life we want to be living? There was a recent study done, not a terribly scientific one, but certainly real, in which a hospice nurse reported on the many things that people said as they faced their last days. The common thread was that they wish they had made more time....more time for family, for play, for relaxation, for themselves.

In the end I doubt I will be reflecting with great pride on how much of my "to do" list in life I accomplished. In the end I doubt others will remember how great I managed my hectic schedule. No, but they will instead remember the camping trips, the long walks, the belly laughter, the shedding of shared tears and the holding of hands. In the end I will take with me and also leave behind some of the love and beauty that was generated in these moments.

It is in these moments of free time that we find the glitter of our life. We find our soul reaches out and embraces these moments with intensity and makes certain that we walk away with a full heart and a beautiful memory. Gifts of free time can be of solitude so that we can simply be and discover who we are, what our passions are and what lights the sparks within us. Gifts of free time can be shared with others, but don't need to be scheduled and orchestrated. Instead, surrender to the spontaneity and delight in the wonder of the magic that happens.

Blessings, Lisa