Within the Deep

There is a remembrance that my soul holds onto with a fierceness unlike any I have known before. It grasps the essence tightly in a hold that is made of steel and forged with my passion's fire. It is a memory that lives deep within me. It resides so deep that the everyday forces of living this human life cannot even reach it. My ego knows not the map to find it. It has safely found the cave of my authenticity and truth.

This deep soul memory was born in the life time of my ancestors. It was carved from the lava that flows through my veins and down into the roots of the Mother. This deep authentic tale is woven in the strands of my DNA and also courses through the scattered stardust of the galaxies.

This river of remembrance cascades through me and carries with it the energies that have been passed on to my soul by the guides, the angels, the spirits of my story. My mythic heroine stands at the shore calling me onward.

My soul whispers in my dreams these memories and the images come to life for me to engage with in the realms of my strengths and the worlds of my powers. The beauty of their magic unfurls in the wind of my soul and releases the perfumed essence of the deep unforgotten scent of my life force; the very breath of my dragons and the smokey ash of my fires.

Within the deep recesses of who I am lives the call of who I am and I steep myself within its juices daily. I take long languid sips and fill my soul's belly with its nourishing tonic. It is here in the deep that I find all that I truly need and I bring it up to the surface, into the light of this lifetime and live it to fullness, with abandon and great acceptance of all the potential it offers.

Blessings, Lisa



Going Deeper


In this world of instant information, extensive possibilities and experts on nearly every given topic we have a treasure trove before us of sampling that we can partake in. Sometimes that is all we want or need. But then sometimes we seek more substance. We want a fully satisfying portion of experience, wisdom or inspiration to play and explore in.

Knowing when to go deeper to gain the fullness of what is offered to us is an important life lesson. Yes, sometimes less is more. But not always. Sometimes these offer quick fixes that do not manifest. Sometimes these offer relief that does not last. Sometimes these offer experiences that fall short. Depth is needed.

It is easy to hop and jump from one lily pad to another in this pool of possibilities. We skim the surface. We are gathering tidbits of information that really don't carry us very far. Our soul is left seeking more. Our energy becomes depleted. We realize this is not going to be the necessary path to follow for our personal growth. We are only visiting, not setting down roots in order to thrive and flourish.

For us to manifest change in our life and to expand we need to understand more fully the work we are undertaking. We need to deeply tap into our soul's energies. We need to reach further than the surface. This takes time. The quick fix is not an option. This means change. Doing things the same way over and over again only leads us to the same results. It also means allowing time for taking chances, which could mean different approaches, different successes and failures and time for pause. Contemplating what we are learning is equally important as the actions we are taking.

Jumping from one technique to the next, one lily pad to the next or even one pool of knowledge to the next does not give our body, mind and soul the needed time to integrate the fullness. We are only allowed a sample. We walk away feeling unprepared, unsure, anxious or confused. Every part of our being will benefit if we slow down and go deeper to what calls to us, what is inspiring us, and what is challenging us. That is where we will find our personal growth and evolution.

It is often not enough to splash around in the shallow end, although it can be fun. But when it comes to moving on our personal path, finding our authentic truth, exploring who we are and where we are going we need to take a deeper plunge. We need to find the motivation to stick with it. We need to commit to a longer time frame and value the complexity it may bring us. As with most things in life, quick fixes have short durations, small experiences don't satisfy and insufficiency of anything leads us to feeling weak, dissatisfied and incomplete. Going deeper provides us with the opportunity to be fully present, immersed and full.

Blessings, Lisa