Choose Your Words Wisely

Being awake and aware changes many things in your life. One subtle change that has a tremendous impact on your relationship with others and with yourself is the change in your choice of words. There is great power and energy in the words we choose to speak and think. Our language is one of our most potent tools.

Think to a time when someone said something to you that stung? Labels are words and they often cling to us from childhood well into adulthood and create personal viewpoints and definitions of who we are.

Bringing consciousness to the words we speak and think is part of being aware. When we recognize the power of words, we choose more carefully and we speak with intention. Words can be energetically charged. Knowing this and handling them with care means we speak with integrity.

A great practice around words is to take a few days to be very conscious of what you say. Do you have key phrases that you use? When you are feeling certain emotions what words creep into your conversations? What beliefs do you hold about the words you speak, the names and labels you own? Make note of how you feel when you speak with different people in your life. Are there those who you walk away from feeling powerful, alive, happy and positive versus someone who seems to bring you down or drain you of your energies? What is the difference in the words they use?

Perhaps you have noticed that you may have a "slip of the lip" when you speak too quickly or without giving much thought to what you are saying. It happens to us all, but it is a great reminder of the power of our words.

The intention we bring to our conversations also impacts the power of our words. Rambling on, speaking quickly or barely commenting send very different messages than when we speak with confident intent and thoughtful phrasing. The power of our words can offer inspiration, healing and joy. Being mindful of the potency of our conversations can bring about tremendous change in our relationships and how the world responds to us.

Blessings, Lisa