The Paralysis of Fear


Have you ever been faced with a decision where you truly were struggling with what to do? You get caught up in all the choices. You find fear creeping in and surrounding your thoughts with what if and what can go wrong. This fear can grow and mount and begin to pull the brakes on your personal power. You become entangled in the paralysis of fear.

Dale Carnegie once stated, ""You can conquer almost any fear if you will only make up your mind to do so. For remember, fear doesn't exist anywhere except in the mind." And it is so true. Your soul is ready for your decision, regardless of what it is. It knows that if it is the "right" choice, it will lead you further down your path, bring into light what you need to know next and challenge you to grow. Your soul also knows that if it is NOT the "right" choice, you will be led further down your path, light will be shed on what you need to know next and you will be challenged to grow! Amazing!

It is your mind that thinks there is a do or die aspect to making the right choice. It creates story after story of all that can go wrong, who will be disappointed, the shame, the blame the consequences etc. Your anxiety level can go off the chart.

But what if there are no wrong decisions? What if you chose exactly what you need next, even if it is not in alignment with what your brain thinks? What if you remain present and open, no matter what you choose? You will be given an experience that will add to your life in some way, it will teach you, encourage you, propel you in some way. Imagine the possibilities in this truth.

We each have incredible resiliency and strength far greater than we give ourselves credit for. How many times have you created a story around choices in your life, that should have resulted in extremes far worse than you can describe and yet, somehow, your survived? You managed to rise above. You managed to learn something about your self. Somehow you handled what you deemed to be the wrong decision. Even if it was in reality the right decision!

Celebrate the choices, live large, practice your intentions, honor your callings, embrace your passions and let all this be the influence of your choices. Step away from the paralysis of fear.

Blessings, Lisa