Keeping the Spark Alive

My connection to life has much to do with keeping my inner fire lit. The more "awake" I am the more connected I am to Source, to my soul and to others. I have learned over time that different activities that I do stoke this inner fire.

I am a learner. I love being taught new things that I can apply to the skills I use in my life. I love going deeper in my skills and knowledge and learning new ways to apply them. This learning brings newness to what becomes familiar and old. It also brings challenge so that I stretch.

Other benefits that I had not anticipated is that it brings new people into my life and my community expands. It also opens doors to possibilities I had not anticipated. Life gets richer and richer each time I step into the role of a learner.

I am good at doing. It comes naturally to me, so to balance that I seek things that give me opportunities to expand and grow. Learning sometimes means struggling a bit or even failing, but I always gain tremendous lessons from these moments.

Recently I signed up to be a student of one of the world's leaders in online cooking school programs. I am enrolled in their Professional Plant Based Program. I have been a vegetarian and vegan for over 20 years. I have used my passion around this and my belief in honoring the body temple to my work. Many of my offerings, such as SOUL Food and VegVitality incorporate this passion.

Taking this course will keep my fire alive! It will add to my current skill base, expand my community as I work with others in my class, introduce me to many Chefs that I have admired, and offer me possible teaching opportunities down the road as a graduate of the program.

This is just one example of what I do to stoke that fire within me. Challenging myself helps me be very present in this beautiful life. It encourages me to bring my best to each day and it keeps me in the energetic flow of my passions and my skills.

What are you doing to keep your spark alive?

Blessings, Lisa