Rising Above the Rules


Life is filled with rules. They surround us and our actions. From the time we are young we are taught the rules. We are expected to abide by them and to allow them to create safety and order in our life. To go against the rules is frowned upon and sometimes even punishable. Yes, there are some very necessary rules in life. They serve us well.

But, let's face it, there are times when we create so many rules in our life that we keep ourselves small, we box ourselves in, we create a false sense of safety from them. Knowing that these rules are our ego's attempt at bringing expected order to our life, to ensure we don't live too fully, expand to much, create with abandon or explore with adventurous delight. The ego of our being cannot handle that much fullness in our life. So we create rules.

Sometimes we need to rise above these self created rules. Perhaps there was a time they served us, but evaluation and reassessment is key to growth. There may be a time to put the rules aside. To question where did these rules come from? What were they protecting? Where they born of judgment or expectation?

Rules can kill spontaneity. Rules can deflate surprises. Rules can wash away our exuberance. All aspects of a full life. Are your rules wide and deep enough to allow these to be within you? Sometimes we have to push pause on our rules and take a good look around.

The soul thrives in the richness of life, in its beauty, in the everyday miracles and wonder. It is imperative that we make sure our rules support this. Possibilities make room for growth and discovery in life. Choices are important to our practice of balance. Bringing our authentic truth and soul's wisdom to the conversation of how our rules are serving us will bring clarity and awareness. From there we can make powerful decisions about our rules.

Blessings, Lisa