The Many Paths

There are many paths our soul can take to bring us to our calling. It is not always important how we get there, but instead how open we are to being in the flow. Going with the flow means allowing the current, the energies, the Soul's direction guide us. When we fight it and push against it we are resisting. And perhaps we then miss golden opportunities, important "chance" meetings and timely lessons.

Bringing our awareness to this flow is important to the journey. As we merge our soul's energies to those around us we feel shifts, miracles happen, doors open and possibilities expand. As we let go of our agenda and our sense of control we find a new way of being.

I have often said to a client, "There are many ways for you to get to your soul's call, you can choose "your" way, which may be the most challenging or your soul's way, which will more likely be the most graceful and meaningful." Tapping into our soul's energies often provides us with the chance to go the way of least resistance and best suited for our needs.

The many paths that our soul provide us with hold the chance to not be attached to outcome and to let go of expectations. It allows us to breathe in the essence of our soul's goal. To be awake to its nuances and to be appreciative to the wonders it is bringing to us.

To go with the flow and be open to the path of our soul takes a certain amount of trust in our wise self. It takes practice. It takes patience. For some this is the most challenging part of living a soulful life. But the signs are always there. If you feel stuck, are you in the flow? If you keep repeating certain behaviors that are not serving you well, are you in the flow? If your relationships seem to be toxic and keep going round and round, are you in the flow?

Trust the plan of your soul. Know it will bring you to the path best suited for you to follow. Let go of the false sense of control and make room for intuition, awareness and wonder. Bring your Self into alignment with the energetic flow of your soul and you will not be disappointed.

Blessings, Lisa

What Road Shall You Take?


We often say we are on our path; spiritual path, path of passion, path of beauty, or path of service. These paths help us transition through the layers and levels of our growth and expansion. There are times when we are not sure what direction to choose next. What road should we take to get us to the next place in our life for fulfillment, happiness, and awareness.

For me, checking and listening to my soul is the best way to receive my directions and clues. These clues often lead me to places of expansion that transcend my biggest dreams, go beyond my deepest longing and challenge me to reach further than I thought I could. My soul knows where I need to go, what I need to get there and who I will meet along the way. Learning to trust these intuitive messages takes time, but with repeated practice and awareness, I have found my way.

My soul brings forth my fearless juices. I steep in these and find my creativity, my ideals and my hopes. I journal, I dream, I dance, I sing into being my next steps, my next path, or my next journey. Choosing the next path becomes easier. The signals are clearer. My understanding is deeper.

One step at a time leads me to the next direction. Being in the moment and being present helps me navigate the twists or turns that may present. Remaining open to the possibilities that may occur brings wonder and a certain excitement to each day. Rarely, if ever, am I bored or overwhelmed. Always, I am engaged and feeling alive!

Blessings, Lisa