In the Silence


I am often called to the silence. The chatter and busy-ness overwhelms and my Soul longs for the quiet, the peace, the softness of silence. In the silence I find myself. In the silence I wait for the lessons. In the silence I hear my heart.

I go to the silence to quiet my mind. Chasing thought after thought can exhaust me. Here I find rest, here I find the confusion makes room for clarity. Here I focus on the stillness found in the silence. The absolute absence astounds me, leaving me awestruck at the beauty that unfolds.

I have found the silence out in the arms of Nature. Sitting in Her lap and resting, pausing, waiting for the silence to restore my balance. My equilibrium is claimed. My strength is renewed. My energies refueled. And while all this is occurring, my Soul feasts on the beauty She provides me. I sit in the presence of the silence of the stars, the quiet of the breeze, the pause of the cycles and I simply be in the moment.

I have found the silence in my sacred spaces. Spaces set aside for the honoring of my connection with Source. Spaces created to cherish my Soul. In the silence of these spaces I take in the accumulated energies of peace, tranquility, sacred and divine. They fill me with a peace that coats my being. In the silence I awaken to Spirit's song.

In the silence I can focus on my breath. I find it mesmerizing and provocative as it draws me in with each inhalation and releases me with each exhalation. My stress departs in the silence. My faith returns. My wisdom is awakened and I find in the silence a comfort of being in my skin. My soul stretches and reaches to the brilliance that awaits and I am ready for more.

So much is found in the silence. It is a resource that I have grown to rely upon. It is a gift that I treasure. In the silence I return to myself. In the silence I connect with the energies of the Universe. In the silence everything I need awaits me.

Blessings, Lisa