Thinking Positive


The shaman knows that everything in life is made of energy. This energy is diverse and alive. Its vibrations are what set it apart from other energies. For example, a  living pine tree has a higher vibration than a fallen dead branch. You and I  have different vibrations as well. This diversity is what makes life so beautiful.

Our thoughts are filled with vibrational energies as well. Imagine the difference between a positive thought and a negative one. Imagine how your soul resonates with this energy. We know how others do. We can see it in their eyes, hear it in their words and feel it in their energies when we are sharing our positivity versus sharing our anger or frustration. If we find ourselves focusing on the past, reliving past wounds, angry feelings and even dysfunctional relationships over and over, without any kind of forward movement we are said to be dwelling, even stuck in the past. But we can shift those energies and make efforts to move away from them. Each step that we take to stop a negative thought from growing we shift the energetic vibration that surrounds us and flows within.

Now, imagine how this energy ripples outward to those that cross your path, influence your day, participate in your choices and more. If you bring positive thoughts to your relationships you are more likely to have a positive flow to the way things unfold. And if for some reason you hit upon a stumbling block, your positive vibrations will help you discover a resolution more readily.

Keeping our thinking more positive takes intentional effort. It is easy to slide down the slippery slope of negative thinking and have it impact our actions. Some use affirmations to help support their thoughts. Others use rituals and connection to Source. Some find honoring the body temple through healthy food choices and movement keeps the vibrations of their thoughts high. Others meditate or journey. And then others utilize the relationships with others to help keep them in a positive frame of mind. Sometimes it takes a distraction, a new practice or a supportive conversation to remain in the positive and away from the negative, but that black cloud does not need to remain and if it seems to hover, it does not need to drag us down. We can observe it, but not let its energies drown us in negativity.

Finding what supports your efforts of thinking positive is an important part of your day's energies. It is worth the effort and intention brought to it. By bringing positive thinking into balance for yourself you will find that your energies will begin to shift. You will see it reflected in your relationships, your work, and your overall life.

Blessings, Lisa