The Deep Understanding of the Feminine Soul

file0001288535990The feminine has deep understanding of the power of matter. Women carry the instinctual knowing of the divine substance in matter and of how to bring this substance into life, because this knowledge is fundamental in the process of giving birth, in bringing a soul into human form. Now this wisdom is needed for the regeneration of the earth, for the earth’s awakening. ~Llewellyn Vaughan Lee There is an essence to the creativity of women that brings healing to life. The nurturing power of the divine feminine lives in us all, but it resonates with a woman’s soul. A woman is a powerful alchemist. She knows how to make gems from nothing, she knows how to bring blessings to pain, she is able to calm where there is chaos and she can bring celebration to the ordinary.

This lineage of wisdom flows through the veins of a woman. And now she is called forth to shower her blessings upon the earth. The earth is awakening and beneath in the stillness and the darkness await the seeds of our truth, reaching out are the trembling fibers of capillary like roots merging forth to find grounding. The woman knows how to tend and care with her gentleness. She knows how to fiercely guard this new growth with her intentions of care. She understands how to slowly share her wisdom, like gently rain, so as not to flood but to quench the thirst.

Our feminine understanding will empower many as we step up and hold out hearts of compassion. Our file0001139676137matriarchal insight will shed light to the darkness, inspire those who have not been supported and empower those whose time has come. We are the healers, the teachers, the artists, and the authors. We are the storytellers, the drummers, the medicine women and the shaman. We are the dancers, the fire tenders and the magic makers. We bring this and more to fill the gaps and chasms time has created. We bring this and more to breathe life into what is dying and should not. We bring this and more to release what is passing into the realms beyond. Because we intuitively know how to. Because we have been charge this mission and because we have seen what must now unfold.

Blessings ~ Lisa

©COPYRIGHT 2013 Lisa Meade

The Feminine

file000997220222I have read in three different places in the past twenty four hours that today’s woman will be a major force in the change this world needs to transform and heal. Then a friend sent me the following verse: “The feminine has deep understanding of the power of matter. Women carry the instinctual knowing of the divine substance in matter and of how to bring this substance into life, because this knowledge is fundamental in the process of giving birth, in bringing a soul into human form. Now this wisdom is needed for the regeneration of the earth, for the earth’s awakening.” ~Llewellyn Vaughan Lee

I fully believe that the Universe is telling many of today’s women to step into their calling, whether it be healer, shaman, visionary, creator, midwife or more. We do have a certain understanding of the power of matter. We do know how to bring things to life, to breathe life into things, to dance things into life, drum them into being, speak them their truths and birth their potential.

Our suffering world is ripe and ready for this awakening of a new life. It is ready to receive our wisdom to grow, to take from the old stories of the ancestors the golden fibers and weave together the luminescent fiber of our stories of today and create a new tapestry to share from.

The stars of Nut will light our path and Pele’s fire will warm our feet. Within Gaia’s womb we will be heldfile0001190356464(2) when we need a safe container. But it will be our hearts that will beat the rhythm to our dance and we will bring our chants and songs to the hearts of the people of the land. These chants will carry the messages of our souls. The shamans will return the lost stories and heal the wounded and the spirit’s medicine will be the balm for the pain and suffering of all.

The women will birth the regeneration of this earth and cradle its newness like a babe in arms. Then wisely we will lead with the vision of our souls and bring us back to a place of wholeness once again.

Blessings ~ Lisa

©COPYRIGHT 2013 Lisa Meade

Creating Sacred Space

Take a walk through my home and you will find each room honors my family’s connection with Spirit in some way. The Goddess, who is prominent in our lives, holds sacred space on the walls, in the color choices of the paint, through sacred art, and even in the patterns of the material used in our curtains and drapes. We have very intentionally woven our spiritual beliefs into our home décor. We are surrounded by the celebration of what we hold in our hearts and we love it. Most people who enter our home do not notice the intentional decorations. But we do, and that was and is the point. Each child participated in some way, whether it was in the color scheme choices, teaching them how to paint walls, in the choosing of a special painting to give as a birthday gift or even in selecting throw pillows that have a specific pattern woven through. We have learned and discussed the meaning of the different symbolism of each Goddess…Kwan Yin and the dragon, The Morrigan and the raven, The Goddess Nut and the skies above. We have as a family specifically chosen which Goddess is to be celebrated in which room of the house, based upon Her story, Her attributes, and Her lessons and gifts. The meaning is significant to us and that is what is important.

Altars are scattered throughout the home as well. Special places to pause in our day to reflect upon our actions, to seek insight and strength, to make offerings at and to call upon the compassion and offerings of Spirit to support and guide us.

Intentionality is a personal gift to self and those you hold close. It offers a special bond that can be shared and can be woven into the fabric of your relationships. Growing up in this surrounding feels very normal and in alignment with mine and my family’s beliefs and practices. We have grown accustomed to it. But we do not take it for granted. We have made a point of bringing tradition and celebration into this environment that adds a layer of its own to the spirituality of our family.

How do you bring representations of your spiritual beliefs into your home? Do you have sacred space that honors this important part of your being? They say the temple is within, and it is. But it can also be displayed in the space around you and offer you a special way to connect with your sacredness. Do you also create spiritual connections around you as well that are tangible and intentional? Do they offer up to you moments in your day to support your connection with Spirit? If not and you want to consider small ways to start there are beautiful ways to build this bridge. A simple altar set up in a room can offer you peace and connection. A vase of flowers that are a certain color of significance or hold special meaning to you may brighten a corner. Perhaps you may create or purchase a piece of sacred art to display within your home. There are many ways to begin, if you wish. Finding ways to embrace your spirituality in ways that are unique and personal brings a special beauty to your relationship with your beliefs. It adds emotion and beauty. And it awakens the energies within.

Blessings ~ Lisa

©COPYRIGHT 2012 Lisa Meade

Adjust the Joy

Did you know that in Ancient Egypt Joy was considered a sacred responsibility? It was believed that when you passed on the God Osiris would ask you, “Did you bring Joy?” and “ Did you find Joy?” If you answered yes, you were allowed to continue your journey onto the afterlife. How would you answer? Joy is one of the highest vibrations on this planet when it is looked at energetically. It is understood that everything in the Universe is energy and we can measure this energy by vibrational frequencies. It is a universal law that as we feel, think, and live we vibrate. As we vibrate we not only send out our energies, but we also attract energies. When we are feeling Joy we attract things, people, experiences that will serve our greater good.

What answer do you get when you ask yourself the two questions above? Are you pleased with the answers. If not, what will you do to change the answers. So much of what we experience and what we ripple out to the Universe, to our family and our friends, has to do with our perspective that we carry around with us in our lives. Perhaps you need a shift in perspective.

Take something that is keeping you from finding Joy and approach it from a different perspective than you usually do. The only way you will get a different result is if you change things up. What can you do differently?

Explore why you are having a challenge in bringing joy to others. What needs to shift or change? What gets in your way? Again, if you change your approach, if you change your reaction to people and situations, if you change the way you “see” things you may find a difference waiting for you to embrace it!

Start small, start simple. Joy is easy to find in the simple things in life. Joy does not need bartering or negotiating to be met. Joy softly approaches and tenderly shares its lovely and light tendrils with us and once we are wrapped up in it, we do not want to let go or be let go! Find Joy today.

Blessings ~ Lisa

©COPYRIGHT 2012 Lisa Meade