The Deep Understanding of the Feminine Soul

file0001288535990The feminine has deep understanding of the power of matter. Women carry the instinctual knowing of the divine substance in matter and of how to bring this substance into life, because this knowledge is fundamental in the process of giving birth, in bringing a soul into human form. Now this wisdom is needed for the regeneration of the earth, for the earth’s awakening. ~Llewellyn Vaughan Lee There is an essence to the creativity of women that brings healing to life. The nurturing power of the divine feminine lives in us all, but it resonates with a woman’s soul. A woman is a powerful alchemist. She knows how to make gems from nothing, she knows how to bring blessings to pain, she is able to calm where there is chaos and she can bring celebration to the ordinary.

This lineage of wisdom flows through the veins of a woman. And now she is called forth to shower her blessings upon the earth. The earth is awakening and beneath in the stillness and the darkness await the seeds of our truth, reaching out are the trembling fibers of capillary like roots merging forth to find grounding. The woman knows how to tend and care with her gentleness. She knows how to fiercely guard this new growth with her intentions of care. She understands how to slowly share her wisdom, like gently rain, so as not to flood but to quench the thirst.

Our feminine understanding will empower many as we step up and hold out hearts of compassion. Our file0001139676137matriarchal insight will shed light to the darkness, inspire those who have not been supported and empower those whose time has come. We are the healers, the teachers, the artists, and the authors. We are the storytellers, the drummers, the medicine women and the shaman. We are the dancers, the fire tenders and the magic makers. We bring this and more to fill the gaps and chasms time has created. We bring this and more to breathe life into what is dying and should not. We bring this and more to release what is passing into the realms beyond. Because we intuitively know how to. Because we have been charge this mission and because we have seen what must now unfold.

Blessings ~ Lisa

©COPYRIGHT 2013 Lisa Meade