Adjust the Joy

Did you know that in Ancient Egypt Joy was considered a sacred responsibility? It was believed that when you passed on the God Osiris would ask you, “Did you bring Joy?” and “ Did you find Joy?” If you answered yes, you were allowed to continue your journey onto the afterlife. How would you answer? Joy is one of the highest vibrations on this planet when it is looked at energetically. It is understood that everything in the Universe is energy and we can measure this energy by vibrational frequencies. It is a universal law that as we feel, think, and live we vibrate. As we vibrate we not only send out our energies, but we also attract energies. When we are feeling Joy we attract things, people, experiences that will serve our greater good.

What answer do you get when you ask yourself the two questions above? Are you pleased with the answers. If not, what will you do to change the answers. So much of what we experience and what we ripple out to the Universe, to our family and our friends, has to do with our perspective that we carry around with us in our lives. Perhaps you need a shift in perspective.

Take something that is keeping you from finding Joy and approach it from a different perspective than you usually do. The only way you will get a different result is if you change things up. What can you do differently?

Explore why you are having a challenge in bringing joy to others. What needs to shift or change? What gets in your way? Again, if you change your approach, if you change your reaction to people and situations, if you change the way you “see” things you may find a difference waiting for you to embrace it!

Start small, start simple. Joy is easy to find in the simple things in life. Joy does not need bartering or negotiating to be met. Joy softly approaches and tenderly shares its lovely and light tendrils with us and once we are wrapped up in it, we do not want to let go or be let go! Find Joy today.

Blessings ~ Lisa

©COPYRIGHT 2012 Lisa Meade