What's Love Got To Do With It?



So, what does love have to do with it? Everything! Think back to the time you were so invested in something that you were incredibly passionate about. Remember how energies just seemed to flow through you with such a beautiful presence. You felt positive about life. You were engaged. You were present. Every cell in our body was focused on what we are passionately committed to. 

But then life and responsibilities can sometimes step in our path toward our dreams and passions. We need to place our focus elsewhere, and even sometimes, onto things that we are not fond of or even greatly dislike. This saps our energies. Other times we may allow others to draw us away from what we love. They may tell us we are wasting our time, that we are not or do not have enough of what it takes to make our dream a reality. This sucks our passionate energies dry. 

When we make a choice to forget our passions and allow life to steal away from us those energies of vitality we are stepping into a form of self-sabotage. Why would we purposely choose to forget about our dreams? Because it keeps us in our safe zone. It keeps us from possibly having to take a risk or two. But just because we are refusing to acknowledge our passion and we are ignoring our dreams does not mean that they are not still existing somewhere within us. This ignoring causes a deep empty void within us. We do not feel whole or complete. We may become depressed because we are not invested in this love of ours. We may become despondent because we have given up on something that brought us great joy. We may become bitter or resentful of all else that demands our attention because we have lost a sense of balance between what HAS to be done and what we CAN do. Nothing really can fill this void other than some passion of some sort, even if it is a newly acquired passion.

The beauty of having passion in your life is that it is rarely a choice between our responsibilities and our dreams. We just need to find the balance. If life becomes overwhelming and burdensome, what better way to lighten the load than to take a small window of time and do something you love. If you have forgotten what you were once passionate about, what do you have on your bucket list? Perhaps you can start there. If travel is something you have a dream of, but cannot afford it today due to time or finances, why not read up on where you want to go, eat some food you would find there, listen to some music of that location, or watch a movie that takes place there. What can you creatively do to keep the dream alive until the time is right?

What if you have always been passionate about creating art of some kind but have little time to devote to it because of other commitments? Perhaps you can take a course that meets a couple times a month to feed that fire burning within you. Or maybe you devote just a couple hours a week to your art. You will be surprised that when you invest in your passion, whatever it may be, that the positive energies will buoy you and shift your perspective in such positive ways. What once felt impossible now becomes a need that you cannot ignore and your soul helps you find ways to tend to it and give it the attention it deserves.

You don't need to drop everything to pursue your dreams. You can keep the spark alive even by choosing to take small steps in the direction of your passion. When we bring passion back into our life, a positive energy begins to flow to us and from us. We view life differently. We have an appreciation for things we may have overlooked. We find a balance that keeps us happy and connected to Spirit, community and our soul's vitality.