Do You Know How To Go With the Flow?


When we think about going with the flow, we think of a water way, a brook or a river and we are allowing the energy of this water to carry us freely forward. We don't fight it or push against it. There can be misconceptions about people who are good at going with the flow. 

Some may be thought of as not highly driven, not ambitious, not committed. And yet, to go with the flow, to really allow yourself to be carried forward with the present energies takes tremendous awareness and presence. It means that you are able to meld with the energies at hand. You have worked so well with your energetic vibration that you are able to truly get out of its way.

Don't think though that going with the flow means that you are not intention filled or not invested in the outcome of the given situation. It does mean though, that you are so very present and engaged with life that you are able to wisely observe the energies around you, the energies within a given situation, and that you are able to find your fluidity within this energetic vibration. You have an understanding that this energy is much bigger than you or your agenda and that the best way to find the best outcome that serves your highest good is to work with the energies and not fight them.

This requires tremendous trust. We need to trust in Source, trust our Guides, trust our Soul's call, trust Divine timing, trust many different aspects of the energetic and sacred world around us. This can be hard, especially if we are living in the past or projecting to the future. If we are worried that something will go wrong like it has before or if we are worried that there may be something around the corner that we don't know about...we are not in the flow. Instead, we may find ourselves stuck in the mud. We are focusing all our energy and attention on what ifs. We fall into old patterns that may not serve us in this moment. We cling to fear. We obsess over possibilities. And we think we can somehow control outcomes.

When this happens we need to take a deep breath, ground ourselves, bring ourselves back to the present and lean back into a trust that the big picture of our life is designed to serve our highest good and that by flowing with the energies of the present moment is the best, most efficient and most effective way to move forward.