How Your Inner Voice Can Be Your Cheerleader


Let’s face it…we all have a variety of voices within us that struggle over one another to gain our attention. To make things worse, often they have conflicting messages, and leave us wondering which to listen to. So how do you recognize your inner truth? How does it present itself separate from the others?

Your inner truth voice will be one of encouragement. It will be your cheerleader. It is the inner voice that offers support, provides the hope, and urges you forward. Sometimes our voices will cause inner conflict. We become frustrated, confused and undecided of what to do or say. But if we get quiet and pause, we will eventually hear the soft inner voice that does not rationalize, judge, give excuses or criticize. This voice speaks to us with loving compassion, understanding and supportive suggestions. It does not shame or blame. It does not drag us back to the past. It shines a light on our gifts, our strengths, and our possibilities.

It is important that we build a relationship with this inner voice and support it in speaking our truth. How do we do that? We listen to it. We believe what it is telling us about our worth, our brilliance, our potential, and our strength. The more and more we do this the louder and clearer it will become. Also, we will more easily be able to identify it in all the chatter of our mind. Learning to stand up to the other voices of confusion, delusion and shame will help us to clear the room, so to speak, and give us the chance to hear loud and clear the cheering voice of our inner truth.