Release and Wonder Found In the Sky

A dear friend of mine always finds wonder in the sky. Her soul finds the most majestic energies, beautiful pictures and wondrous release there. Allowing your mind and soul rise to the clouds and release any tension is a beautiful meditative practice.

Cliches often result from truthful occurrences. "Having your head in the clouds" can mean that you are not fully present or have flighty ideas. But, that does not need to be viewed from a negative perspective. Perhaps you are intentionally not being fully present in the chaos or tasks of the day, but instead are fully aware of your other needs. And so laying back, eyes following a beautiful puffy cloud formation, feeling the gentle breeze and watching a bird dip and dive is the perfect fit. Perhaps those flighty ideas are ideal for your pause from problem solving and instead allows your imagination to come out to play and your stress to be carried away.

I find myself practicing this meditative release and delighting in the wonder I see in the sky more often these days. A mere five minutes of this activity rejuvenates my body, mind and soul. Tension leaves, creativity is inspired, thoughts become clearer and joy steps in.

There is much hustle and bustle in my life, but to rise above it, just like the clouds, is a very helpful practice. Creating this intentional contrast between all my day's have to's to a few moments of want to's is a very important act of self-care and a delightful gift.

So, the next time you feel a little overwhelmed, a bit tired or drained or even need some inspiration, look to the skies. Take a few moments to be present there and the rest will follow.

Blessings, Lisa