A Great Realization


There was a great realization that ran through me the day I fully understood that I am really enough, right now, who I am and where I am on my life's path. I do not need to worry about who I should become, what I have gained, where I need to improve...I simply need to bring the best of myself to this very moment.

Wow, that took the pressure off. I grew up in a home where the bar was raised high for me. Grades were important, placement on teams important and what others thought of me...even more important. It was hard to break out of this conditioning. Challenging and often unnerving, yet the further I stepped away from these expectations, the happier I became.

The journey to knowing myself did not include a tally sheet of my accomplishments, or a listing of what I have yet to manifest in my life. Instead, this journey to knowing myself led me to acceptance and understanding of who I am. It is a beautiful thing to have self acceptance and gentle understanding. Seeking it from others often leads to disappointment, but I can be sure to practice it daily and make sure it is readily available.

I began to realize that there was a beautiful magic to this self-acceptance and understanding. I began to see the deeper I loved who I am, the better I celebrated myself, and the more I cherished all of who I have become the more I had to bring to others. Love, compassion, joy and understanding grew within my soul. It emerged freely in my relationships with others. If flowed readily in my day's activities. It supported me when I was challenged and gave me relief when I was tired.

A certain kind of energy is created in the pool of self-acceptance. It is refreshing, vibrant and rejuvenating. It quenches a thirst carried with me over my lifetime. It soothes old wounds and awakens new gifts. Realizing I am enough, right now, for what I need and am...what a tremendous gift!

Blessings, Lisa