What Defines Your Reality


What defines my reality? A question that I have worked with over time so that I become more aware of where I am energetically in the moment. This question has given me opportunities to keep my process clear, to find my direction and to heal what comes up.

We see in our lives situations, energetic relationships with people, places, events, things, that we try to understand, embrace or let go. Our reality in the moment ebbs and flows with the work we do around these. Remembering this is critical.

Think back to the last time you were frustrated with a situation. Perhaps it had something to do with work, or a family relationship or even the traffic. Your perception created your reality in the moment. You had the choice to see this from a perspective of complete overwhelm, bringing in all kinds of negative self talk and energies. Or you could stand grounded in the knowledge that the feelings and emotions wrapped around the moment would eventually pass, that you would more than likely resolve the problem, make amends with your family, and, yes, get through the traffic and arrive at your destination.

We need to learn how to train ourselves to view life and its events from a place of gentle understanding that our ego often likes to take charge and be in control. When this happens we often are walking a tightrope of emotions. We see ourselves so differently than who we are truly and authentically. Our reflection of our Self and the events we are in can become skewed and inaccurate

We have all been there, listening to someone go on and on about a situation in their life, how limited their choices are, how much a victim they are of the circumstances, how unfair it all is, how impossible things have become and so on. We have listened to the voice inside that responds with comments like, "Well, that is because you won't let go of the old story, or You are not ready to embrace your truth, or That is only one way to see this." What if we took these kinds of comments and applied them to our own dialogue the next time we are defining our reality.

Imagine what could shift, imagine how quickly you could pull yourself out of the egoic sludge and move on, imagine what you could learn about your inner Truth! It will most likely take you out of your comfort zone the first few times you try this. Even pain can be a comfort zone for us, especially if we feel we know no other way. But, with gentle tenderness and consideration that we are a work in progress, we can find that taking small steps in this understanding of our moment by moment perception can be a path to living in our Truth, in the moment, and not projecting into the future the what ifs or draggin along the past's old story lines.

Blessings, Lisa