shutterstock_128819635Many times the change of seasons inspires me to do a physical cleanse of my living space. A good cleaning, a removal of what does not serve me any longer, a reorganizing of space and a redistribution of belongings to awaken energies and to bring brightness into some dark spaces is important. So it is also with my soul space. My energetic fields benefit from being cleared of the old, releasing what is no longer of any need and making room for what is to be brightened. This means taking the time to recognize what thought patterns need to be refreshed, any baggage that needs to be released and any fears, worries or pain must be swept away for the freedom of my energies to circulate again and my consciousness is able to grow. It takes awareness of what is authentic to my truth, my story and my vision.

There are many methods that can be used to cleanse one's energies from breath work, cleansing of the chakras, drumming, power dance, chanting and more. How you choose to do so is a personal choice. I like to switch it up and do not use any one method. I have also learned over time that certain cleanses work better for me depending on what needs my attention. But regardless of the way in which you do it, the important fact is that you do it!

Deliberately setting the intention and creating the space to cleanse one's energies is an important part of shutterstock_1891028one's spiritual practice. We all need to be attentive to our soul's needs. Remembering that we are faced daily with outside influences, other energies, challenges, conflicts, and relationships, not to mention the ongoing world wide events that surround us, we have a responsibility to our relationship with Source and our soul to be mindful of its needs. Once done, everything feels lighter, more vibrant, in alignment and free. I feel open to what is next on my path, I have the room to receive it and the clarity to see it.

Blessings ~ Lisa

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