The Shaman's Compassion

In all the work the shaman does, it is her compassion that weaves through the energies and brings a calming shutterstock_146119307essence, a loving presence and a wisdom surrounded by beauty to her client. Without compassion we do not see the heart of our client clearly, we do not understand the pain fully, and we cannot identify the loss specifically. A shaman is able to bring healing and return of the lost soul through the realms by holding this energy tenderly in an embrace of compassion. Compassion is a vital ingredient that is necessary when one is in service to others. It is the bridge that makes the connection. It is the medium that helps soften what has been made hard with time. It is the balm of understanding and witnessing. A shaman knows this and brings her compassion to each interaction she has.

Compassion is not to be confused with being soft, quite the contrary. Compassion, when mastered and understood, can be the strongest tool one has. It breaks apart untruth, it burns through judgements, it pries open blockages and it can fiercely stand up to anger and fear. Compassion, when understood and used properly, helps bring clarity and perception to the situation.

shutterstock_72921262Soul work requires a good deal of understanding of the energies that we surround our lives with. Additionally, there are the universal energies that interact as well. Often times, the misunderstanding of these energies will create confusion and fear in someone. They will feel shame for not knowing, experience blame for not being able to master the events of their life and will often shut down. A shaman can bring the key of compassion to this work and is able to open what has been closed off. Compassion along with the many other skills and tools acquired through her training and experience, become effective ways to restore and heal the energies of the soul by the shaman. Gently, with compassion, yet powerfully with understanding of the work done within the realms, the shaman's perspective sees all the possibilities.

Blessings ~ Lisa

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