Today's Soul Work

shutterstock_93599899I had a client recently who came to me and asked if there were anyway we could work on a plan to help her clean up the messes in her life so that she could then begin to do some work with her soul. She felt there was just no time in her life to even consider working with her soul and its needs. I gently told her that the working with her soul could be a part of working with the mess and the time could be found there. She was puzzled, genuinely, and said she thought her life had to be in a much better state before she could ever begin to start something as sacred as getting to know her soul. Quite the contrary, I told her, and so we began. There will never be an end to the "To Do" list in our life. And even as we complete task after task, take on challenge after challenge, we do not get a big prize at the end of the day because we have finally cleaned up the junk drawer or paid our bills or sorted through the basement, other than our satisfaction. The ordinary life and its messes will always be there and to put off the sacred work of our soul just does not make sense. Especially because this work can be found within the ordinary of our day, within the tasks at hand and the satisfaction at the end of their completion. I often say doing the dishes can be a sacred act if you approach it that way!

Sacred work is in the present, the here and now. It is in the regular routine parts and pieces of our life. When we can find the sacred in our everyday, even when we are up to our elbows with life's challenges, we discover a new way of moving through our life. Our perspective changes, we hear things differently and our approach is impacted. We learn the importance of the sacred in our life, and so we set out to embrace it in the ordinary of our life. To show up day after day we recognize the importance of soul care, of self care, of quality over quantity and then what we value shifts.

Waiting for the perfect day to address her soul's needs quickly got tossed out the window for my client. We dove in. She began to understand that her intentions were often fueled by her inspirations. Her inspirations were gifts of her soul. She began to give them the attention they needed to become a reality in her life, a force to dip into when she needed a recharge, a beauty to be recalled when she felt overwhelmed. She began to recognize her soul's needs. For her, quiet space and time were a big part of what she was hungry for. The desire to feed that hunger gave her the energies and insights as to where this quiet time could be found in her busy life. She creatively set out to claim ways to begin embracing this in her life.

Working with your soul need not wait until the perfect day, the right moment or when all conditions have beenshutterstock_86269492 met. That day will never come! Working with your soul happens here and now, it can be done while we are in the mess or in the beauty of life. The soul will respond to our attention, regardless of the life events that surround us. It is waiting for our touch, our call and our awareness. It will respond with delight, inspiration, beauty and wonder. And with that new energy brought to our day, life's flow will shift in our dance.

Blessings ~ Lisa

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