Grace Filled Blessings

Of all the different things that we share with each other grace is one of the most beautiful. Each of us is shutterstock_92592910bestowed with grace. It does not need to be earned, it is not gifted due to favor, it is not based on our spiritual practice, our good deeds or our sacrifices. Grace is a blessed upon all. How we choose to live a life that is grace filled becomes our most important daily choice. To be filled with grace in life we need to be aware and present for it. By doing so, we then see opportunities where grace is present or can be surrounding us. What are examples of grace that may be manifesting in our life that are going unnoticed? Grace is the customer in front of us in the check out line allowing us to go ahead of them and we get to our appointment on time instead of late. Grace is the beautiful gentle rain that waters our garden. Grace is the friend calling us that we have missed dearly on a day when we are feeling a bit down. Grace is hearing about a perfect job position from a neighbor that we bump into at the library.

Grace is also found in forgiveness, in releasing resentment or bitterness. Grace is found in the love of a family. Grace can be felt when we enter a home and there is respect, appreciation and compassion for those that reside there. Grace flourishes when we give unconditionally of our self, our time or our belongings. Grace can be found within us when we learn to be present and authentic. We are always able to access our grace. Each day we can make the choice of how we will live a grace filled day.

shutterstock_115937251When this choice is made, we accept the fact that we have all been blessed by this grace. We begin to live a life that is filled with compassion, we become more generous, less stressed, more flexible, even more resilient. Living this way allows us to trust more and worry less. We see the good in others. We find our relationships expand and grow. We are able to release and let go with more ease. We find the beauty in life and in those around us. Our perspective changes, our actions respond and our life becomes full of beauty, wonder, softness and awareness. When we embrace our grace we cannot help but make choices that will reflect it in all the fibers of our being and in all the layers of our life.

Blessings ~ Lisa ©COPYRIGHT 2013 Lisa Meade