What if...

Life is no longer ordinary. My days of boredom, mundane and plain are gone. I see miracles nearly every day. I allow my imagination to come out when it wants. My soul and I share delightful conversations as we gaze at the sunset or look up into the stars. Wonder awaits me at every corner. My days are full by most standards. I am a busy woman. This busy-ness can only be beneficial and file000392638838beautiful and productive and in service with integrity if I allow myself the what ifs. My energetic flow is abundant, my heart is full, my outlook is bright as long as I allow all the possibilities to play through my day. If I shut things down with judgments or if I trap myself in with self-criticism things come to a screeching stop.

Lewis Carroll once stated, "Sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast." What a fabulous way to begin a day! Thinking positively about your what ifs gives you the juice to explore, the adventure to take to task, and the openness to what others see as obstacles. By bringing my what ifs to my day I create the reality I want to call my life. I constructively bring my power of positive intention to each moment, looking for the next step to take that will lead me onward into the life I choose and desire.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe all have those days were we are faced with struggles and complications. We all have those tasks that we don't favor. But having a perspective of what if we can look to our creativity, to our inner wisdom, to our soul for possibilities and find ways to move forward in the best scenario possible. We can alter our life by shifting our attitude. We can decide to be happy, to find peace or to see the beauty. What if you try it right now?

Blessings ~ Lisa

©COPYRIGHT 2013 Lisa Meade