file0001464950673(2)How good are you at remembering? Have you noticed that when we feel wronged by someone we can recite in detail the conversation or event. We hold onto every nuance. We may even embellish a bit to give intensity or emphasis in the retelling. Hmmmm. Now, let me ask you another question. Do you remember the great idea you had last week about your unfolding plans and what you wanted to do about it? Do you remember that quote that you read that moved your heart and you felt your inner light shine so bright and you shared it in your Tweets or on your Facebook page so others would delight in it as well? How about do you remember the conversation you had with that someone when you felt truly witnessed and honored? Can you recite the details and nuances of all this? Never forget what you want to remember! If you want to remember how someone wronged you, well, you will! But will that serve you? Will that empower you, bring you joy, happiness, or peace? If you want to remember the aspects of your life that encourage you and delight you, you will, if you put intention there. Where is your focus? Where do you bring your energies of remembrance?

What I have learned is when I am feeling like I am stuck or not growing it is usually because my focusMessage Stones is off. I am not remembering what I should and not letting go of what I need to. Even unconsciously we can hold onto deep entrenching old patterns, they can keep us stuck. We get trapped in the drama of the story. When we are in flow with life, we look to the learning experiences, we listen for the passionate parts of our story and we listen to the callings of our soul and we find ourselves remembering what matters to our heart, to our life, and to our dreams. We need to take the time to invest wisely in our remembering energies. If we use them wisely they will take us far!

Blessings ~ Lisa

©COPYRIGHT 2013 Lisa Meade